Control VLC with Bluetooth Remote

VLC is one of the most popular video players on the market, offering a robust and customizable alternative for those who do not want to stick to the default option on their PC.One thing that prevents VLC from being the perfect movie viewing experience, is the fact that it is necessary to sit on the PC to use it but we have Android apps and VLC Bluetooth Remote that can take care of this situation.Android apps that can control other devices via local Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or anywhere via the internet are useful for remote administration. The best thing is that some of them also provide screen sharing capabilities to get full control of the desktop or laptop.

Now we’ll show you 3 best android apps to control PC from Android via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

1.Unified Remote

Unified Remote has been featured in the app store for years and is one of the go-to apps when it comes to controlling the PC from an Android device. This app uses Bluetooth or Wifi to remotely control your PC and comes with support for over 90 popular programs. You can download the server-side desktop program here and support Windows, Linux and Mac.

Unified Remote supports Wake on LAN, which you can use to wake the computer from sleep. It also allows you to control Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yun. Other useful features include a file manager, screen mirroring, media player control and basic functions, such as a keyboard and a mouse with multitouch support.

Its “Floating Remotes” feature allows you to control your computer even while using other apps, but it is only available in the paid version. Other features of the paid version include custom remote controls, widget support, voice commands and useful features for use on Android.

2.Remote PC

PC Remote runs on Windows XP / 7/8/10 and can be used to control your PC from Android via Bluetooth or Wifi. The server-side program is about 31 Mb. PC Remote is easy to connect and contains a lot of features.

All useful features like mouse, keyboard and Powerpoint control are available within this app. The most powerful feature of this app is “Remote Desktop” which allows you to view the screen of your desktop in real time and control it with touch input. I was able to view the videos without delay using this feature, although it is not possible to stream the sound remotely. PC Remote has an integrated FTP server called “Data Cable” that allows you to access files on your computer’s smartphone. You can also view all the drives and files on your PC and open any content from your Android device.

One of the most interesting features of PC Remote is that it has more than 30 classic console games that you can launch on your desktop with a touch and play using the game controller in this app. There are many predefined gamepad layouts available. You can even create your own.


Install Vectir Remote Control and start controlling VLC from your smartphone or tablet.When you first connect from your phone or tablet, the VLC remote profile will be imported automatically and you are ready to control VLC.Vectir is a good choice for VLC Bluetooth Remote.

Here are the simple requirements for VLC remote control with Vectir:

  1. The Vectir PC Remote Control mobile app installed on your phone or tablet
  2. Vectir PC Remote Control installed on the PC
  3. An Android mobile device, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry or Java.
  4. Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity between the mobile device and the PC
  5. VLC Player installed on your PC

Vectir VLC remote control supports the following commands:

  • Stop
  • Play/Pause
  • Previous
  • Next
  • Mute
  • Volume
  • Windows Music library browsing
  • Now playing browsing
  • Jump forward 10s
  • Windows Video library browsing
  • Jump back 10s
  • Toggle shuffle
  • Toggle repeat
  • Video shapshot
  • Full screen

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