How to Setup Kodi Media Server

One of the best open source media centers right now is the Kodi Media Center. Formerly known as XBMC. (Xbox Media Center). Kodi media server is the best of open source media players, and many of its competitors are actually based on previous versions of Kodi.

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How to Setup a VPN for Philips Smart TV

Philips Smart TV is worldwide known for the image quality and features built into the Smart TV platform. Some of the highlights of Philips Smart TV are SimplyShare (DLNA) to share multimedia content between devices, Net TV to access the app, faster dual-core processor and a remote control with integrated keyboard. Philips Smart TV also has a function in which a user can record digital broadcasts on a USB hard drive. Continue reading “How to Setup a VPN for Philips Smart TV”

How to Setup Kodi on Mac

Tired of paying for cable TV? Looking for a way to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, live events and more for free? Are you still paying for cable TV or movie downloads? If so, you’re wasting your money. With open source software known as Kodi, anyone can cancel their cable subscription and broadcast channels, TV shows and movies for free. Unlike torrenting, streaming with Kodi allows you to access live feeds. Continue reading “How to Setup Kodi on Mac”