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Here’s where things could get a little complicated.

We will answer this question first, then we will provide a detailed explanation of the warnings:

Is it legal to buy a fully loaded Kodi box? YES.

No doubts, one of the best ways to use Kodi is to buy a fully charged Kodi box. That said, many users have wondered if this process is actually legal. After all, sometimes Kodi is still in a legal gray area, largely because of the many third-party add-ons that ignore or even break many copyright laws. However, some sellers will jailbreak the first part of devices like Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, install Kodi on these devices and sell them as Kodi based devices. Is there something similar in the up-up? What does the law say in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and elsewhere? How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV/Stick ?

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Let’s Explain some questions about Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes

In the United States, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is the most important legislation to understand regarding the legality of both the Kodi and Kodi TV boxes. For the most part, a Kodi TV box alone, with an empty version of Kodi on it, would be considered completely legal for purchase. This is because Kodi, like an empty shell, is not able to violate any law. In addition, a Kodi TV box, alone or with only a blank version of Kodi installed, is simply a streaming TV device. Together, neither is illegal, so matching is not illegal

1. For a while, selling a Kodi box with a jailbreak, such as an Amazon Fire TV jailbreak or Apple TV jailbreak, was illegal. Again in 2014, changing the firmware on devices such as smart TVs and tablets was still illegal.

2. The US federal government updates the DMCA every three years to change the rules to best adapt to changing times. I

3. When Congress updated the DMCA rules in 2015, it made jailbreaking tablets and smart TVs completely legal. However, gaming consoles, laptops, e-readers and portable gaming devices have not been included, which means the jailbreak of such devices is still illegal.

This, leaves some persistent questions. Are devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast “smart TV” or are more considered “gaming consoles”?

This is where there are some legal gray areas. However, almost unequivocally, since these devices are almost exclusively used to access television and digital media services, they are generally considered smart TV devices. This means that modifying them is legal, which also makes the sale of modified devices legal.

Other Kodi streaming devices, like the WeTek Core, are not jailbroken. These devices would always be legal to purchase, even with a standard version of Kodi installed on the device. This, of course, leaves a real persistent question: are the fully loaded Kodi boxes legal too?

Yes, it is legal to buy a fully loaded Kodi box

What is Kodi?

Perhaps the best starting point is to explain what Kodi is and why there are also questions about its legality.

Kodi was created in 2002 as a media player on Xbox. Known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the program is designed to play downloaded movies and music. Several generations later, in 2014, the non-profit XBMC Foundation changed its name to “Kodi”.

Now running mainly on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, as well as on devices based on Android and other operating systems to a limited extent, Kodi was able to perform a large number of functions, including streaming content directly from the web. This was achieved through the use of downloadable plugins, known as “addons”. While many of the streaming addons available for Kodi were extracted from perfectly legitimate sources, a growing number of Kodi add-ons broadcast free copyrighted content.

The XBMC Foundation and Kodi began to develop a negative image outside the community as the primary host for copyright infringement. The XBMC Foundation has consistently fought that image, reiterating on its website that the Foundation does not support or condone the use of third-party add-ons that host illegal file sharing. However, third-party add-ons remain popular.


What’s a Fully Loaded Kodi Box ?

A Fully Loaded Kodi Box is not specific. You can purchase a Kodi TV box that contains only Kodi or one that has a specific Kodi build. In most cases, only one “fully loaded” Kodi Box is considered if it is supplied with a Kodi build already installed.

A Kodi build is a build that includes a large number of additional components already installed on the system. This means that you will not have to run the installation process of those add-ins yourself and that you will be able to use the system to immediately access the content available through these add-ons.

There are a large number of Kodi builds out there, although most “fully loaded” Kodi boxes will not be installed with one of the popular Kodi builds, but will instead come pre-installed with a large number of Kodi addons. The main difference between a fully charged Kodi box and one that uses a specific build is that most of the builds use a theme. The Wookie Kodi Build, for example, has a Wookie theme. Kodi builds are usually put together by several members of the Kodi community.

Do You Have To Buy Fully Loaded TV Box 2018?

Kodi is a very special and award-winning multimedia center. It can be installed on most modern platforms and works like any other digital media center. By allowing the user to play many different media formats. But unlike other media centers that need to have a hard copy of the media file on a USB or another form of digital storage. Kodi (or XBMC as it was formally known) will allow you to watch content via the internet (streaming). Some online vendors have spotted the term Kodi / XBMC fully loaded. With free movie advertising, free sports, free TV. How is it possible? Let’s take a quick look at how Kodi works.

How does Kodi work?
Kodi Media Center is an application that can be installed on most platforms. Including boxes for Android TV, Windows PC, iPhone, Apple TV 4. Kodi Media Center allows the use of third-party add-ons, these add-ons are created by many different developers. Add-ons can be added by adding the URL directly to Kodi or by installing a zip file containing the addon. “Most add-ons literally take Web pages from sites that you might otherwise stream from a regular web browser.” then award it in the simplified lists you see in Kodi. These types of add-ons make it difficult to read or add a full page. In something, you can browse from your sofa.
TV boxes fully loaded 2017 on the black market
If you are thinking of buying a TV box and the seller offers you a fully loaded TV Box you have to stop and ask. What are they loading completely on the device? While the smart TV market grows so too the greed of some of these black market sellers. Not only will they offer to pre-install many additional components that could be easily installed by the end user. But it will also install pop-ups and advertisements, generating even more revenue for the original seller. If you have not seen our fully loaded Android TV Box alert or the official Kodi TV alert, you should definitely have a read. If you purchase a device from EntertainmentBox. So you can be sure your box will not have any of these unwanted add-ons, pop-ups or viruses. so whoever installed the fully charged TV Box in 2017 could install anything.
What are Kodi builds? Kodi setup wizard?
Kodi can be customized with different backgrounds, menu bars and skins. An installation wizard will customize the Kodi configuration in just a few clicks. It works by downloading many add-ons and different backgrounds, so it installs them all for you. This is called a Kodi build. (a kodi build is what the wizard puts on your device). There are hundreds of different Kodi configuration wizards available. And also many different Android apps that will offer to configure kodi for you. It is necessary to remember that if you have decided to use any installation wizard. It will download many different add-ons so you have no control over what you download to your device. Some sellers who offer fully loaded TV Boxes usually install some sort of build on the device before selling it.

What are the fully loaded Android apps?
Fully loaded Android apps are applications that can be installed on any Android operating system. Including TV, tablet and mobile phones. Apps like “Showbox, Mobdro, Cartoon HD, MegaBox HD, Newest Movies HD” and many other Android applications offer the same or similar content. You can stream content directly through the TV Box on your big TV screen. The most loaded TV box vendors will pre-install these apps before sending them to customers. We, on the other hand, will not ship any devices with the apps listed above. Again we leave it completely to the end user.

Will Kodi Continue to be Legal?

Probably. Decisions like this are chilling, for sure. Transmitted to the point of view of the general public.
Streaming is growing in popularity, I know that most politicians generally do not want to try to pass stricter streaming laws that affect the general public.


Kodi addons that allow you to download torrent files could theoretically sure you. Be careful if you live in a country that has laws against downloading pirated content. But as long as the addon only downloads the content and does not download it, you will have no problem using it.

Here are a few Kodi addons that can download pirated torrent files:

1. Torrenter

2. Pulsar

3. KMediaTorrent

4. Quasar


Entertainment box Fully Loaded TV Box


At Entertainment-box we must focus on hardware and software.

OTA updates (over the air firmware updates)

There are constantly updating OTA firmware updates for all our old and new TVs. When you buy a TV Box from EBox you will receive constant updates. These updates will add new features that may not have been available previously when the device was first purchased. This is all done with a few simple clicks of our OTA app, keeping your device fully updated.

Kodi / EBMC

 The only additional components we pre-install are EBox help videos and YouTube video add-ons. As previously started, you can configure your own kodi / or add-ons that you choose to install.

EBox App

The Android EntertainmentBox app is a great tool for your Android device. Stay in touch with EntertainmentBox via Twitter and also via Facebook. Have easy access to help and educational videos. A direct link to your retro gaming needs and more. The EBox app also has all the latest links for the most stable kodi for your device.

IP Vanish

The IPVanish product is marketed as a safety product. That guarantees online privacy while protecting users from unwanted snooping, hacking and other malicious threats. In addition, it is also able to unlock Kodi websites / add-ons. And other online content that is usually limited by the geographical region.


Aptoide is one of the largest Android app stores available. This app has all the Android apps you could ask for. If you do not have the app you are looking for in your local store. You have the possibility to look for other stores inside Aptoide. Now you will always find the killer app you were looking for.

Advice on Buying a Fully Loaded Kodi Box

The main reason I started this site was to help ensure that no one reading this site is ever robbed because you do not have enough information.
There are a lot of poor sellers out there. Up to now, my advice has always been to prevent someone who sells Kodi boxes to pay completely or pay Kodi addons after the fact ..
Add-ons are free, so you can install what you want simply by following a couple of YouTube tutorials. You can buy a really cute TV like MINIX, Zidoo or ProBox2 and add any add-on or Kodi app you want.
But what I’ve heard from you is that you want a box that works – one that’s set right from when you take it out of the box. All additional components are there for you.
No muss. No confusion.
This is something that manufacturers like MINIX will not give you. They give you the empty board, not the finished product.
So if you are looking for a fully charged Kodi box, then I feel it is my responsibility to help.
It is my responsibility to try to guide you in the right direction, just as if we were buying a bare TV box.

What makes  Kodi \ XBMC box The Best?

It does not change because their product does it.
Good sellers, good prices and quality products.

Good support

Someone put my seal of approval. You will not find sellers who simply sell the TV box and disappear. No eBay or Craigslist, fly-by-night vendors here. You need to have an active forum with company representatives and end users who will gladly help other users.
Another great thing: there must be a guarantee.
In short, you must be taken care of after the sale. This should be a basic requirement, but surprisingly, most companies are wrong.
If you think it’s a good support network, you’re right.

Regular firmware updates

Good firmware can create or destroy a device. If you have poor firmware, I do not care how good the hardware that runs the TV box – it will not save it.

To be considered, there must be regular firmware updates. It must not be monthly, or even bi-monthly. but there was a history of firmware updates after a device was released.
Fair prices

I wrote posts before sellers ripping people up by $ 50 TV box to $ 300. Nothing pisses me off more than a company that takes advantage of people like that.

I am a member of the European Union of the United States.

This generally means a price limit of around $ 160 US for a TV box. If something is more expensive than its competition,

Quality products

This is certainly confusing. I have tried device from this company before. I am familiar with how they work.

I trust myself when I say I am confident in the quality of their products.

They are perfect? No, of course not.

Every device, even the $ 300 NVIDIA screen, which is largely surprising, has its flaws. And sometimes these flaws are quite annoying.

But when I mean “quality”, I mean that the product is at or above the level of quality of construction and “daily use”. If a device costs $ 100, it seems, feels, and behaves like at least a $ 100 product?

Here are two great choices for the Best Fully Loaded Kodi Box

Both EZ-Stream  and SkyStream One are doing things the right way. I’m a fan of local business support and it’s good to see them both pumping such high-performance boxes.

Let’s start with what both have in common:

Both have a one-click update app to keep all Kodi add-ons running smoothly. They do the maintenance for you.

Both companies are based in the United States, with Florida customer support teams. If you have a question or a problem, you’re talking to someone in the same country and not halfway across the world. This is a big problem.

Both offer effective telephone support

Both have Facebook support groups monitored by their customer support teams and experienced community users.

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