22 Best Android TV Box for Kodi 2018


The most used boxes are the Android boxes. They are available in all shapes and sizes with great specifications in terms of processor, video, audio, storage and finally no less memory.

There are a lot of better Android boxes with high and low prices and you might not want to lose to get the best out there based on our review of the best detailed Kodi boxes. Once you’ve finished selecting it, it’s easier to set up kodi on Android with just a few quick steps.

1. Q-Box Amlogic S905
2. T95X TV Box
3. Seguro Trongle X4
4. Amazon Fire TV Stick
5. Nvidia Shield
6. R99 4K by EBox
7. Emtec GEM Box
8. Amazon Fire TV

Q-Box Amlogic S905

The Q-Box S905 is a perfect match for Kodi thanks to its Penta-Core 450 processor. This processor offers exceptional 4K resolution with 1080p streaming. It works on an Android OS 5.1 Lollipop with 16 GB of internal memory. Apps and games can be installed from the Google Play Store and have a user-friendly interface.

T95X TV Box

When you have the Andorid T95X, you do not have to worry about the latest    updates as it can get all the accesses from the Google Play Store itself. Streaming movies and TV shows with third-party Kodi add-on on HD resolution. If you encounter problems, there is always a live support that provides assistance.

Seguro Trongle X4

Seguro Trongle X4 may be the cheapest box in the lot, but it does not compromise the quality of the video it transmits. It supports 4K video and comes with a wireless keyboard and has a touch control.

Considering its characteristics, it has a 2 GHz Quad Core processor with ARM Cortex-A53 CPU next to a Penta-Core processor. That said, its high-performance machine configuration offers ultra-fast speed, professional video quality and the best user experience.

Whenever you seem to get into boredom, remember to have a perfect home theater that can light up on demand. In addition, it has the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with its help you can download apps from Google Play Store.

It supports almost all audio and video formats, so you do not need to load before converting the video format. The quality of the images gives an impression closer to reality that seems quite impressive. You can stream video with this Android Box with the help of Kodi and its video add-ons. So, it makes a perfect marriage with Kodi.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick has an Android-based operating system with a quad-core processor. It has earned its name as a streamer for Kodi users. The new 2017 version of Fire Stick has become the best media streamer with a faster processor. However, it is an expensive touch compared to the previous model.

Nvidia Shield

When it comes to Android set-top boxes, Nvidia Shield is the most powerful. From TV shows to the latest games in the city, this box has all the entertainment you could ever imagine. Not surprisingly, this makes it the best Kodi box for Kodi users. Nvidia Shield runs the latest version of Android 6.0 in its package.

R99 4K by EBox

The huge 4K box is equipped with extremely powerful hardware. The extraordinary media player consists of 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of ROM, Android 6.0 and everything is powered by the Hexa-Core CPU. The device is further enhanced by Ultra HD 4K graphics.

That said, the media player connects with an HDMI cable to the TV and can do everything a last Android device can do, going from watching movies to games and downloading apps. He can do everything to keep you awake all day.

Emtec GEM Box

It is a simple choice for anyone unfamiliar with the Kodi boxes with all their functions and features. However, this box does not allow you to install the latest Kodi builds. But with Kodi Setup Wizard you can access the previous version of the software.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has ever larger capabilities than Amazon Fire TV Stick but with the same Android-based operating system. It is the best choice as the best Kodi box for streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video. This device works smoothly with Fire TV and would take no more than a few seconds to load Kodi.

“The Best 14” Kodi Boxes That are LEGAL

1. Roku Ultra 4k

2. Google Chromecast

3. Google Chromecast Ultra

4. Raspberry Pi 3

5. Xiaomi Mi

6. Ebox T8 V

7. Kukele S912

8. SkyStream Two

9. Rveal RT5

10. Easystone Q Box

11. Apple TV

12. EZ-Stream Ti8

13. MXQ Pro

14. Matricom Android G-Box Q2


Roku Ultra 4k

What makes Roku Ultra 4K the best Kodi box as well as being a legal choice for Kodi users? Its surprising content, its easy navigation, the objective search for content and the customization option put it in the foreground in the streaming boxes.

Google Chromecast

The predecessor of Chromecast Ultra; Chromecast has also created a great deal of enthusiasm among entertainment addicts. The small dongle comes with a power cord and an adapter. While requiring WiFi and a TV with HDMI port.

Google Chromecast Ultra

If you never want to indulge in legal problems and want to save yourself from all the problems, we recommend that you get a Google Chromecast Ultra for $ 98 or less. It is more a dongle than a traditional TV, and this makes it discreet.

It can remain hanging behind a television or computer and can provide hours of entertainment. This small and portable device represents the enthusiasm of Google to take advantage of the 4K streaming market. This box would be great for Kodi users in the near future. Chromecast requires TV with an HDMI port and a WiFi network; Even Ethernet would do well.

Chromecast Ultra has a connected ethernet port that makes it capable of playing HDR nad 4K video. These features make users more luxurious than the previous version of Chromecast.

Raspberry Pi 3

For what it look’s, it’s a little computer with brilliant features attractive for Kodi media center. Kodi users are able to stream 1080p videos with ease because of its quad-core processor. It may be feasible to use an Ethernet connection when you encounter buffering issues in wireless network connection.

The box costs around $80 at Amazon marketplace and is legal and safer to use it in the UK. However, there is no box case with Pi 3, meaning that you will need to find a case that fits with its internal circuit. It doesn’t comes with a remote either, but you can find a way to use Kodi through HDMI CEC-compatible TV remote. To say the least, it is the best Kodi box in terms of performance.

Xiaomi Mi

It would be unfair not to mention Xiaomi Mi for its elegant and good-looking device. It features the latest technology for streaming millions of entertainment content.

Because the device is legal in the UK and in most countries, it also has 4K video resolutions that make TV viewing better than other devices.

Its features include a quad-core processor, 2 GB of DD3 memory and 8 GB of integrated memory are all you need to save your favorite content. On top of this, it comes at an economic price, or $ 70 or less. However, you need to install Kodi first of all.

Ebox T8 V

EBOX T8 V is the ultimate model released by the company in 2016 which is probably the fastest device that has been produced. It works with the latest Android and has its Kodi Build installed. Improve the experience of Kodi users in watching movies, TV shows and sports.

There is a special feature that is its unique selling proposition and this includes a dual custom launcher program for beginners and experienced users. No need to worry if you have not used a TV box, our beginner’s guide helps you learn about the device.

Kukele S912

This pack of Kodi comes with a keyboard and a remote control that has been loaded with many Kodi add-ons to broadcast the TV. It has a powerful 64-bit processor with 3 GB of RAM, and to add more, the device has easy navigation that makes it easy to use.

The media library automatically self-updates and tends to increase every day. It is undoubtedly legal and the best streaming box for Kodi that you will find on the market for the price it is worth.

SkyStream Two

Discover the fastest and most powerful TVbox, which is the perfect solution for cable bills. It’s the best Kodi box given the quality of 4K video with ease. You can pour tons of multimedia content, including all major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and more, and customize your streaming experience with Android.

It’s a legal Kodi box that has revolutionized the way you watch TV. Millions of movies, TV shows and games offer unlimited entertainment. With SkyStream Two you never have to fall for fully loaded boxes.

Rveal RT5

When you buy Rveal RT5 for watching TV, you’ll never say “There’s nothing on TV”. It turn’s your TV into a multimedia library where you can view endless entertainment content. Imagine if you have ever wanted to broadcast multimedia content both live and on-demand, this is the right place.

The company’s goal is to improve the value of viewers with quality videos, easy navigation and trouble-free configuration. Gentlemen, the future of television is here.

Easystone Q Box

If you want an affordable TV viewing option with 4K ultra HD video, Q Box may be the best option. It may not have the latest technology since the box is based on the Lollipop version but definitely worth it.

It has an Ethernet port, a fast loading time and comes with a keyboard where a mouse pad is connected. The box has an internal memory of 16 GB where you will never have to worry about running out of space.

Therefore, it makes the best streaming box for Kodi.

Apple TV

What we have learned so far from Apple’s story ?!  It is determined to simplify everything it meets. This statement also applies to Apple TV. The company seems to have freed up television and lets you watch Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN and more with an app installed.

Although, the only downside to Apple TV that we could find is that you have to install Kodi on Apple TV because the software is not pre-installed. If you’re familiar with Mac, you’ll have no problem downloading Kodi from the app. It’s the best box of Kodi so far if it contrasts with a way to install the Kodi apps.

EZ-Stream Ti8

EZ-Stream Ti8 is easy to carry and can be connected to any TV via its HDMI port. The setup process of the device is extremely simple, but the streaming of unlimited content is much simpler than its configuration. You can stream what you like when you download apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu a


The key element of the MXQ Pro Box is the preinstalled Kodi Media Center. It comes with a complete set of Kodi builds that are considered illegal in most countries. The box costs $ 32.49, a few dollars less than Fire Stick, and for most people, Kodi is much better in this machine than on a Fire TV stick.

Matricom Android G-Box Q2

Matricom Android G-Box Q2 is a very small box, but with unlimited streaming through Kodi builds and add-ons. It features Ultra HD 4K video quality resolutions and is equipped with an octa-core processor. It would play without any blockage or error that should satisfy the fans of the game. It also works exceptionally well with Amazon Prime Video.

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