Best LiveTV Addons for Kodi 2018


Kodi lovers get ready! Fans can now say goodbye to the outdated add-ons of 2015 and equip themselves with the best Kodi addons of 2018. These addons will help you cut the cable and ensure a first-class entertainment experience with live streaming, online games, sports broadcasts and more . However, geographical restrictions and copyright violations can be very annoying and create obstacles during the streaming. Find out why Kodi VPN is necessary for add-ons?

To facilitate users, we conducted extensive research and evaluations to get the best Kodi addons in January 2018. These best TV add-ons for Kodi will offer a full entertainment dose with tons of movies, TV shows, live TV broadcasts, sport and much more.

The wide popularity of Kodi as a television player has grown over the years, and now the figures have reached up to 30 million Kodi users. When millions of users have started broadcasting online content, they are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals.

Kodi, in his recent statement, asked Kodi users to keep their Kodi reader up to date to reduce the possible security risks. Kodi Krypton 17.6 is the latest version of Kodi that has no security bugs.

We have compressed a list of Kodi add-ons in the order of their respective categories. Kodi users may find it easier to scroll through the categories and choose the best Kodi Krypton 2018 add-ons to their liking.

Best TV Addons for Kodi

If you like popular TV series like DareDevil, Flash, Arrow, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones or any other show, then these Kodi add-ons are made just for you. Here is the list of the best TV shows for Kodi 2018, make sure you have them all:

1. USTVNow

USTVNow is a widely adapted Kodi add-on and requires a subscription from the official USTVNow website. The addon offers relatively few channels at the moment (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), but is on top of Kodi’s best live TV components due to its popularity in the United States. Install USTVNOW with this detailed guide.

Important: USTVNow requires registration of the Kodi stream account. You can sign up for a free account when accessing USTVNow on Kodi. In addition, USTVNow only accepts the email address for registration, so social media registration is not supported.

2. Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is a haven for Kodi users who like to broadcast IPTV channels. This addon will broadcast live sporting events, news channels and films from around the world. Some channels remain geo-restricted for which you can use Kodi VPN, but regardless of many other channels work just as well.

3. MetalliQ

MetalliQ is a favorite Kodi addon for cinema fans and binge watchers. Metals’ popularity is found in an impressive multimedia library offering the most recent, popular, classic, most viewed and best films. In addition, MetalliQ offers various TV block buster and music streaming programs, offering a one-stop solution for premium entertainment.

4. BOB Unleash

BOB is the addon of Kodi new age. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue and Valhalla, BOB arrived with an incredible multimedia library. Subscribers can find HD movies, a huge music library and a live TV grouped together in a Kodi addon. In addition, users can broadcast high-quality TV shows and watch the hours of the highest rated IMDB movies on BOB. Install BoB from this guide

5. Youtube

Youtube: with over a billion subscribers (almost a third of the global population), YouTube needs no introduction. Fortunately, Kodi fans can watch hours of TV shows, movies and other favorite media on Kodi with the YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day

6. Mobdina

Just like the Mobdro Kodi add-on, Mobdina takes a step forward because it has many live IPTV channels from the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico. Beyond that, it has several sections including movies, TV shows, live sports, music and much more. It can be found in the Playos Monkey Repository.

Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

When it comes to watching television live, Kodi has covered you. There are several additional components that you can use to broadcast live TV on Kodi, check them all:

1. Picasso

Picasso is another all-in-one add-on that literally got everything from movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports. It also has an extensive music library and many live IPTV channels to watch your favorite TV show.

2. Supra Box

The Supra Box Kodi addon is primarily a live IPTV channel addon but contains everything including movies, TV shows, sports and many other sections. You can find videos in 1080p and in Ultra High Definition.

3. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a cloud-based Kodi addon that offers channels from community streams around the world. But due to the nature of addon, channels are provided by different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news and documentaries using the cCloudTV TV live addon for Kodi.

4. Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is a great add-on for sports and live TV, but has a much larger multimedia library than you can imagine. It also has films, TV shows and sections for children, which is also popular among Kodi viewers. In addition, it also offers radio programs, but is required at Kodi VPN.

5. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio serves music lovers who prefer live radio instead of music on demand. Once installed on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio add-on allows listeners to access numerous radio stations and podcasts with one click. In addition, listeners have the opportunity to hear news, debates, sports and news with TuneIn Radio.

Covenant Add-on Still the most popular Kodi add-on for January 2018

For a second consecutive month, Covenant is at the top of our list and is the most popular Kodi addon for the month of January 2018. One reason for its popularity is because it is the perfect replacement for Exodus, as the next version has dropped for many Kodi users.

Patto is made up of the same team of developers that introduced Exodus and offers similar categories and search functions. The pact can be found in the Kodil deposit. Here is the list of the best Kodi repositories with their installation guides.

To find out which is the best Kodi add-on for January, we’ve gathered trends and data from various websites including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups and some other communities. The results were extraordinary and at the same time more appealing. The Covenant add-on came out on top.

Why is Covenant the most popular Kodi addon?

Despite the arrest of the repository of the colossus that hosted Covenant Kodi, it is still our choice as the most popular Kodi addon. The Pact can now be found in the Kodil repository and keeps the multimedia content up-to-date. It still beats all the other addons of a country mile and reigns in our cards as the best Kodi addon for January 2018.

But why is it the best Kodi addon? Perhaps the answer lies in its extensive library of contents. With popular TV shows and movies to choose from, Covenant offers a wide range of online streaming media. You can watch movies like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League on Covenant. In the same way, it also hosts the latest TV shows like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Dark and much more. You can use the following guide: Install Covenant on Kodi for longer entertainment.

As we look at the statistics, Poseidon Kodi is approaching to steal the place at the Covenant on Kodi. Since the launch of Poseidon add-on 6 months ago, it has been consistent in providing the latest multimedia content in HD quality. However, if geographical limitations and copyright infringement start to present problems, we recommend using a VPN service.

Top Kodi Addons 2018 List

We have tested all the additional components of Kodi mentioned below that are working perfectly for January 2018.
To give you a quick overview of the best Kodi add-ons, here are the top 10 addons that will offer unlimited content for streaming:

  1. Covenant
  2. Genesis Reborn
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Exodus
  5. Fantastic
  6. Oculus
  7. Gurzil
  8. Uncoded
  9. Poseidon
  10. Strictly HD

This is important:Some of these add-ons may not be officially supported by Kodi. You can try alternative add-ons or check the full list of supported add-ons on the official Kodi website. Some of these add-ons could also be georeferenced, which means they may not work in some regions. You will need a VPN before installing these additional components. We have chosen the best in the industry that supports Kodi.

New Kodi Add-ons

The new Kodi add-ons are less likely to be noticed by law enforcement and therefore survive for a longer period of time. As a result, the latest Kodi add-ons are more powerful than previous add-ons in maintaining their business. Check out our latest Kodi add-ons.

1. Oculus

Oculus Kodi is another great add-on. An addon for films and TV shows for longer entertainment hours is available from the new trademark filing. These films and TV shows are separated in a new section of film, popular section, most voted section and so on.

 2. Placenta                  

Blamo Repository continues to carry more and more Exodus and Covenant forks. This time he was able to offer Kodi users an additional Covenant fork, Placenta. This Kodi add-on shows without delay free copyright material such as movies and TV shows. If you already have Blamo Repository installed, be sure to add Placenta to the list.   

3. NetStreams Sports Hub

The Stream Army depot brings yet another sports streaming add-on with all live sporting events. NetStreams Sports Hub is a hub for the entire live streaming sports channel around the world that offers you great entertainment. Some of the sports sections include Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and much more. Not until recently has received a new update that has many other sports sections.

4. BritFlix

The BritFlix Kodi add-on is exclusive to British fans worldwide. With BritFlix, British fans can watch their favorite TV shows and all live streaming channels broadcast only in the UK. It also offers movies and documentaries that you can view all day without getting bored. This addon can be found in the Bizzle Builds Repository.

5. Bandicoot Vids

Anyone who loves watching music concerts from different musicians around the world can now install the Bandicoot Kodi add-on for live viewing. This add-on also shows live sporting events and also manages YouTube and contains classic movies.

6. SpinzFlix

SpinzFlix comes from Spinz TV Repository which mainly includes movies, TV shows, children’s section and Urban. It will provide you with SD and HD connections based on your Internet connection.

7. Uncoded

Uncoded is yet another Covenant fork and contains all the latest movies and TV shows you love. It can be found in your own repository, such as an unencoded repository, but the positive things about this add-on are that it has no limitations or registers.

8. Project M

Project M is a new addition to Kodi and has already become the master of all Kodi addons as it offers everything from movies, TV shows, sports, live IPTV and music. However, the live IPTV section is subject to geographical restrictions.

9. Stealth

Stealth is a new Kodi addon that can be found in the Merlin Repository and has sections for movies, TV shows, IPTV channels and documentaries. If you just want to laugh, a cabaret section is also available.

10. Universe Addon

The universe addon has a unique combination of movies in which it consists of 3D movies, Bollywood movies, HD movies, children and so on. You will find this add-on as free

11. Bubbles

Bubbles is a free movie and a TV show addon that offers free links to watch video content and a paid version via Real Debrid. It also has a Bubbles Wizard that can be displayed at the beginning for Kodi users.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Football

Watching the football leagues that are happening all over the world is more desired by football fanatics. The Kodi add-ons shown below offer you live football actions, highlights and expert opinions before and after the game. So make sure you have all these additional components.

1. Sports World

Sports World Kodi offers not only football matches live. It is the home for all kinds of sports including NFL games. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories. You can view all the leagues from option

2. Elektra Vault

The Elektra Vault add-on is especially dedicated to watching live sporting events in which it has a separate section that only shows live matches. This add-on is frequently updated with the latest matches. You can also look at the highlights if you’ve missed an important game with this add-on.

3. Channel Pear

Channel Pear is an unusual add-on, but the funniest of Kodi. After installing this add-on, you will find that it is completely empty. You can add channels to the Channel Pear add-on via the Channel Pear website. You can select any football channel from your website and then synchronize the channel on your Kodi. In this way you can watch football live and much more.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

What could be the funniest time spent by your children as well as cartoons, movies and TV programs for children? Third-party add-ons for children contain the latest and old comics, including the list of informative films.


CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults added to its multimedia library. In addition, it also contains films on its database featuring animated films for children. Anyone with children must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.

Cartoons Clown

Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best addition to Kodi for children because this add-on is not limited to cartoons or any animated material, but also has films and TV programs that attract the crowd of young people. Kids love this add-on due to its huge library and variety of content. It can be found in the Super Repo and Kodil repositories.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

Fitness is the key to success and this statement holds true on every occasion. Kodi fitness add-ons provide detailed health information, exercises, diet tips and much more. All fitness junkies out there have to look for these add-ons.


BAMF TV is more than just an add-on for fitness, but it also offers a large section of sports videos. In the fitness section, it contains tons of videos in which fitness experts instruct viewers on how to perform the exercises correctly. These instructors also provide suggestions on diet plans. So this is a perfect add-on for beginners.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

Good music is a source of relaxation for the mind and body. Releases your body from stress, yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We have listed some additional music components that are worthwhile.


BeatZ is a huge musical component with its extremely wide music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The positive thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. Collects data from various websites as you update the add-in accordingly.

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams has been around for a while in the world of Kodi and since then it has not done a bad job. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have an experience with selective musical genres. For example, it has metal subcategories, rap, hip hop songs, which further divides into many categories and then brings you the specific song you want.


Now that you know the best TV addons for Kodi 2018, you’re ready to watch hours of endless entertainment and action. However, there are many more popular addons for Kodi add-ons for 2018. If you want to know how to add channels on Kodi and stream geolocated channels, refer to our simple Kodi VPN step by step guide.

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