LG 970 UHD Device for LG TV


LG 970 UHD – Dual HDMI – 2D/3D – Wi-Fi – 2K/4K – Region Free Blu Ray Disc DVD Player – PAL/NTSC – USB – 100-240V 50/60Hz for World-Wide Use & 6 Feet Multi System 4K HDMI Cable

There is a quotation, usually attributed to Albert Einstein, which reads: “Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.”

That’s how we feel about using the new LG Blu-ray player, the UP970. While its video quality is nice, it may sound better and so, in the end, it is not as complete as we would like.

While some manufacturers like their kit are smooth boxes of pristine darkness (the Sony UDP-X800, for example) others like a little personality and detail.

LG’s UP970 is located in the second field, with four raised buttons on the front for power and playback. There is also a USB 2.0 input on the right, to play videos and music or to connect your Android phone.

On the back you will find all the ports provided: an optical connection, two HDMI outputs and an ethernet port for a more stable network connection.

Setting up the player is quite simple. There are a couple of settings to adjust image quality and output resolution in LG’s direct menu screen, but nothing extraordinary.

Unfortunately you do not get the range of streaming services you do on other players. Only Netflix and YouTube are available on LG.

This should not be a problem, though: most HDR 4K TVs have a wide range of video services already installed.

One thing the UP970 has is Dolby Vision integration – a proprietary HDR technology from Dolby.

Similar to HDR10, it differs from the fact that it has “dynamic metadata” which means that it can adapt its image frame by frame, theoretically making every shot optimally.

While currently there are no Blu-ray Discs Dolby Vision, Lionsgate, Sony, Universal and Warner Studios have promised versions later this year. But you can get Dolby Vision content on Netflix, including its original series programs like Daredevil, The Ridiculous 6 and Marco Polo.

Sony, LG and Loewe have all broadcast Dolby Vision compatible TVs, but if you do not have a set of those companies, do not worry: the UP970 will still play content in standard HDR10.

That said, we’ve found a problem in reproducing HDR content when we connect the UP970 to our Samsung UE65KS9500. While the HDR pop-up appeared, indicating that it was playing, the image was significantly less colorful than we expected.

We are not yet able to determine if it is a lack with the TV or the Blu-ray player, but there is undoubtedly a problem that must be solved.


Once working, the image of the UP970 is really good. Let’s play a Netflix stream of the hot and natural summer Wet Hot American: First Day of Camp, and the UP970 is happy to transmit the vibrant travesty of camp life.

There is an impressive range of shades in the clear water of the lake, in stark contrast to the surrounding vegetation. The shades of the campers’ skin are well balanced, emphasizing the differences between the pale nerd boys and the tanned and athletic athletes.

Dark scenes are made in the same way as bright, with enough details and color variations to make you attract.

During Stranger Things, when Nancy Wheeler is momentarily trapped in “Upside Down” – a slippery, shadowy world that hosts at least one grotesque monster – there are lots of details for the soft collar on her jacket – and you can see both the gnarl and the slime that aligns the bark of trees.

Even the outline of the monster, which is lit to appear the most indistinct and threatening possible, has areas of gray lighter than its otherwise black body, which reveal its ridges and hint at his teeth.

These features remain when switching to a standard Captain America’s Blu-ray: The Winter Soldier, and the player does not struggle to make the dark purple and pastel blue of the morning sky.

The UP970 upscaling skills are also decent, providing enough detail in Steve Roger’s costume. Let’s take another step back in the resolution with a DVD of Die Hard 2 and there’s an expected drop in the details, but it remains an observable photo.

But regardless of the format, when compared to the Sony UDP-X800, the UP970 comes second. Not much, mind you, but for a considerable amount.

Let’s play Planet Earth II and there’s an extra touch for Sony, which means the fur of the snow leopards is rougher, the distinction between the foreground and the background of the lighter mountains.

The colors are slightly more natural even on UDP-X800.


When it comes to audio performance, the UP970 is not up to the competition. There is not enough dynamism and guidance from LG to really deliver the energy into tense soundtracks.

During Hancock, while the superhero crosses the street like a reformed character, the proud trumpets and heavy drums that signify this transformation are a little weaker than we would like.

Let’s move on to Ghostbusters (2016), and when the ghostly face of Gertrude Altridge floats in the room, the acute strings that welcome her entry are smooth and free of sharp edges – but there is not the same consistency as the low squelching sounds you get from the X800 when the ghost vomits.

It’s not a bad sound, but it has a way to go before it matches the competition.


The UP970 is a good player. His image is pleasant, and its audio quality (for all its faults) is still decent.

But it’s against a tough competition from Sony and Panasonic, and our money goes to one of these. There are still improvements to be made before we can fully recommend this.

Key Features

  1. 4K Disc Playback, for life-like images
  2. Multi HDR, always get the best HDR
  3. Enjoy Ultra HD 4K Entertainment
  4. Blu-ray / DVD / CD Playback
  5. USB PlaybackConnected to your entertainment

4K Ultra HD HDR

Unleash your entertainment. The next step in the home cinema setup, this HDR Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player can play 4K and HDR, bringing a whole new level of detail and color to what you watch. Experience the best visual experience possible with this Blu Ray 4K player and an LG TV.

Multi HDR, Always get the best HDR

Multi HDR supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision for improved brightness and a wide range of colors with greater precision, providing an exceptional HDR experience.

Ultra HD 4K Entertainment

Always have something to watch The UP970 offers UHD 4K content from a greedy catalog of titles on Netflix and YouTube *.

Blu-ray / DVD / CD Playback

Play your favorite content from Blu-rays and DVDs to CDs. Your media library lives on.

USB playback

Play videos, music and images directly from a USB storage device.

Connected to your entertainment

Dual HDMI allows you to send audio and video separated from the UP970.
Discover the best of 4K videos with your existing sound system.


Dimensions & Weight

Main Unit (mm)                       430 x 45.5 x 205
Main Unit (gross, mm)         480 x 282 x 106
Weight Unit (Kg)                                   1.63
Weight (packaged net, kg)             2.59


Display Type      LED Dot
MD Type                 Tray
Front Key               4ea
Ethernet                 Yes


Type                                     SMPS
Power Consumption (in Operation)                            17W
Power Off Consumption (in Standby)               0.5W under
Voltage                                 Wide


Wi-Fi Built-In                                              Yes
RCU Battery                                                 Yes
Box                                                                  Offset
Topper / Sticker                                        No/Yes


Set Up Wizard Yes
Time bar Yes
Instant tray open Yes
Firmware update Yes – via network, USB
Last Scene Memory Yes (DVD, HDMV)
Power On Resume Play Option
Wake On LAN Yes(MR)
Screen Saver Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Parental Lock Yes
Home Menu Type Icon Type
Initial logo Yes
Thumbnail Yes (Photo)
MP3ID Tag Display Yes
Photo slide show with music Yes

Profile & Playable Disc

BD profile version 6.0/5.0/2.0/1.1
USB playback                                                              Yes
External HDD playback (via USB)                       Yes
UBD-ROM/UBD-R/UBD-RE                                   Yes
BD-ROM/BD-R/BD-RE                                              Yes
DVD-ROM/DVD±R/DVD±RW                                  Yes
Audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW                                             Yes
DTS-CD                                                                                Yes

Playable Decoding Format Movie – MPEG-1 Yes

Movie – MPEG2 PS/TS                               Yes
Movie – MPEG4 AVC (H.264)                  Yes
Movie – SMPTE VC1 (VC-9)                      Yes
Movie – H.265                                                  Yes
Movie – Xvid                                                      Yes
Movie – MKV                                                     Yes
Movie – AVC Rec                                              Yes
Movie – AVCHD                                                 Yes
Movie – M4V                                                       Yes
Movie – RMVB                                                 Option
Movie – WMV                                                       Yes
Movie – 3GP                                                          Yes
Movie – MP4                                                          Yes
Movie – MOV                                                          Yes
Movie – FLV                                                             Yes
Movie – VOB                                                            Yes
Movie – TS                                                                 Yes
Movie – DAT                                                               Yes
Music – LPCM (Bitstream/ Decoding)                                              Yes/Yes
Music – Dolby Digital (Bitstream/ Decoding)                                  Yes/Yes
Music – Dolby Atmos (Bitstream/ Decoding)                                   Yes/No
Music – Dolby Digital Plus (Bitstream/ Decoding)                         Yes/Yes
Music – Dolby TrueHD (Bitstream/ Decoding)                                  Yes/Yes
Music – DTS (Bitstream/ Decoding)                                                         Yes/Yes
DTS-HD Music – Master Audio (Bitstream/ Decoding)                  Yes/Yes
Music – MPEG 1/2 L2 (Decoding)                      Yes
Music – MP3 (Decoding)                                        Yes
Music – WMA (Decoding)                                       Yes
Music – AAC (Decoding)                                           Yes
Music – FLAC (Decoding)                                         Yes
Photo – JPEG/ GIF/ Animated GIF/ PNG/ MPO                     Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes

Video Features

1080p Upscaling                                                            Yes
4K upscaling                                                                     Yes
Noise Reduction                                                              Yes
NTSC⇔PAL Conversion                                               Yes
BT.2020/BT.709                                                               Yes
xvYCC                                                                                     Yes
Video Enhancement                                                        Yes
HDR                                                                                           Yes
Dolby Vision                                                                          Yes (MR)
HDR → SDR Conversion                                                 Yes
DD 2ch Down Mix                                                                Yes
Re-Encoder (DTS Only)                                                     Yes
LPCM Conversion (DTS HD, Dolby TrueHD)             Yes

Playback Capability

Trick Play – Fast Forward/Reverse                     Yes/Yes

Trick Play – Slow Forword/Reverse                      Yes/No
Trick Play – Step Forward/Reverse                       Yes/No
Trick Play – Pause                                                             Yes
Search – Title/Track                                                          Yes
Search – Chapter                                                                 Yes
Search – Time                                                                         Yes
Repeat Play – Title/Track                                                  Yes
Repeat Play – Chapter                                                         Yes
Repeat Play – A-B                                                                   Yes
Resume Stop                                                                             Yes
Play Mode – Random                                                              Yes







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