How to Convert DVD to MP4 using VLC Player


How to rip a DVD to MP4 with VLC?

Below, we will show a complete illustration of how to free the wrench with VLC on Windows 10. The Mac User Guide shares the same workflow.

Step 1. Free download and installation of VLC DVD Ripper on your computer
Before this DVD to MP4 user guide, we should download and install VLC on our computer. This all-in-one multimedia player and DVD ripper supports multiple platforms, including Windows (XP-10), Mac OS (X 10.6 and higher), Linux and more.

Now, go to the official website of VLC and select the corresponding operating system to download. After downloading it completely, double-click on the exe file (vlc-3.0.1-win32.exe) to install VLC. During installation, you can choose optional components (such as Web plug-ins) to install.

Step 2. Import DVD Disc to VLC

Open VLC. Click on Media on the menu bar to display a drop-down list. Select Convert / Save … to access the Open Media dialog.

Click on the Disk tab and on this page there are 3 sections: Disc selection, Start position, Audio and Subtitles. Check the DVD option and try to import the DVD source into VLC. Then, set the title (the main title in general) and the chapter you want to copy to MP4. If you do not know how to choose a title, play the DVD with VLC to find the correct title. You can also set audio / subtitle tracks. Now, click the Convert / Save button at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the DVD disc, VLC also allows you to import the ISO Image or VIDEO_TS folder which stores the contents of the DVD as a source for ripping to MP4.

Step 3. Start Ripping from DVD to MP4

Convert pop-up arrives. Move to the Settings panel. Set profile as MP4. If necessary, you can click on the settings icon to adjust codecs, bit rate, frame rate, resolution and subtitles. Then, click the Browse button to indicate a destination for saving the resulting MP4 file. Do not forget to mention it. Finally, click Start to convert VLC to DVD to MP4.

Hint: VLC offers two MP4 options: H.264 + MP3 and H.265 + MP3. Choose the most appropriate according to your needs. In addition, this VLC DVD ripper offers dozens of videos, audios, devices and web profiles, such as WebM, TS, MP3, FLAC, TV, iPod, Android and YouTube.

Can not rip DVD to MP4 with VLC?  How to solve?

  • I’m trying to save a title from my DVD to an MP4 file on disk. I can save the title 1 OK, but for some reason, title 2 blocks VLC.
  • I’m trying to copy a DVD to an MP4 file with an H264 codec in Windows 7, using VLC.The file is created, but there is no audio.
  • When I click on Start to copy my DVD to MP4, nothing happens: VLC does not give any message about the ripping process and just shows me the interface.
Yes, unlucky people always come across hard-wired problems like the questions above when ripping  DVDs to MP4 with VLC. We recommend that you install the latest version of VLC and try again. If VLC still does not rip DVDs, the DVD is probably copy-protected. If so, we need to use a DVD decoder to remove DVD copy protection at the beginning and then rip it to MP4. On the other hand, we can move on to a VLC alternative to make everything simpler.

WinX DVD Ripper is what we want to present to you. It is a free professional DVD ripper with free rip DVDs for MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, MOV, MP3, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, HTC, Samsung and PSP while maintaining high quality. It can handle various copy protection schemes on DVD, such as CSS, Region Code, RCE, Sony ArccOS and more. Thanks to Super Encode Engine and Hyper-threading technology, it can offer a super fast DVD ripping speed.
Copy from DVD to MP4 with free VLC alternative

It is a fairly easy task to rip DVD to MP4 via this better VLC alternative. Download it and install it on your computer (Windows 10 / macOS High Sierra and lower versions are supported).

Step 1. Click the DVD Disc button to load the source into the WinX DVD Ripper.
Step 2. Generally, the main title will be checked automatically. Now, select the “in MP4” tab. WinX DVD Ripper offers the best default audio / video settings for the output file. It is also possible to adapt to meet special needs.

Step 3. Click Start to copy DVD to MP4. Soon, you can get a digital file resulting in MP4 format.

Disclaimer: Digiarty software does not promote copying of copy-protected DVDs for commercial purposes and suggests referencing DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

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