How to Install Exodus on Kodi Android


If you’re looking for a Kodi add-on to stream unlimited movies and TV shows, you’ve found it in Exodus. The add-on to Exodus Kodi gives you access to an extensive library of online streaming sources, bringing the latest movies and TV shows directly to Kodi.

However, Exodus has undergone some dramatic changes, so it may not be the best option for you.

Read on to find out more about Exodus, including:

1. Information on recent exodus controversies
2. Installation information for an older, still valid version of Exodus
3. History of the Exodus, including a past hacking incident from its original creator.

We strongly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users are known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports and TV shows through various addons. If you want to keep your browsing habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish: a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It is also worth noting that buying a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

Exodus Kodi Addon: Detailed Installation Procedure

Exodus has changed hands a couple of times. Previously, he was transferred to the Add-ons website and to the development team. However, now that TVADDONS has removed all the additional components of the gray area, Exodus can be found in some different repositories.

However, all notable add-on developers have officially abandoned support for Exodus. Also, a September post on the popular subreddit Addons4Kodi warned users of installing the new update. Reddit users told the community that a previously disused Github account, lewblack125, had reappeared and were adding updated versions of various add-ons, including Exodus.

The account belonged to the former add-on developed by MetalKettle, which had already retired from the development of Kodi. As reported by TorrentFreak, MetalKettle has informed the community via Twitter to avoid the installation or use of this repository or any of the add-ons contained in it.

For this purpose, it is not advisable to use Exodus. While previous versions of this addon are still available, they may not work well and may even be compromised. We left the installation information below for those who still want to use the latest reliable version of this addon. However, we advise users to try the most reliable and regularly updated Exodus fork.

First Option: Latest version: Agent 47 Repository

The Cyper’s Locker repository, which contains many additional Kodi addons, is the new home for the COLDFIRE version of Exodus. Considering that Exodus is a favorite of the community, it is not surprising that someone has decided to withdraw it after Smash has decided to abandon support in favor of a new fork Exodus, Covenant.

To install Exodus through the Cypher’s Locker repository, do the following:

1. Open Kodi and select the Settings (gear symbol) option at the top left of the screen
2. Go to File Manager
3. Click on Add source below
4. Where you see <None>, click on it, then type or copy / paste the following web address:

1. Give it a name at the bottom, like “CyphersLocker” and click OK
2. Return to the Kodi home screen and select Addons on the left
3. Select the package symbol (top left)
4. Select Install from zip
5. Locate your CyphersLocker FTP connection and select it (you should find it on the first screen after clicking Install from zip)
6. Select the zip file located there to install it
7. Return to the screen with Install from zip and go to Install from the repository
8. Locate your Cypher’s Locker repository and click on it
9. Click Video Add-Ins, and then click Exodus
10. Finally, click Install to add Exodus to your library (or Update if you’re here to update Exodus)

Second Option:Smash Repository

The Smash Repository is a new repository that we are keeping an eye on. You can install the Exodus Kodi addon from Smash using the following method:

1. From the Kodi start screen, select the Settings (gear symbol) option at the top left of the screen
2. Go to File manager
3. Locate and click Add source below
4. Find <None> and click on it, then type or copy / paste the following web address:
5. At the bottom, call it Smash Repo and click OK

6. Return to the Kodi home screen and select Addons on the left
7. Click on the package symbol (top left)
8. Select Install from zip
9. Locate your Smash Repo FTP connection and select it (you should find it on the first screen after clicking Install from zip)

10. Select the file you find in the folder. You will receive a successful installation message at the top right of the screen
11. Return to the Install from zip screen and click Install from the repository
12. Locate the Smash Repository and select it
13. Click on Video addons
14. Locate Exodus and click on it, then click Install. Note that if you have several other repositories installed with this addon, you will see a list of installation locations. Make sure you choose Smash, but if you see a repository with a newer version, choose that one

Third Option:Kodil (Kodisrael) Kodi Repository

Kodil has the second version of Exodus. Note, however, that this version and other previous versions may be damaged. This version of Exodus presents problems with the search option and a potential integration problem with However, it will work for most streaming features.

To install Exodus from the Kodil repository, do the following:

1. Open Kodi. On the home screen, select Settings (gear symbol) at the top left
2. Select File manager
3. Find and select Add source below
4. Click on where you see <None> and then type or copy / paste the following web address:
5. At the bottom, call it Kdil (it could be automatic) and click OK
6. If you connect via public Wi-Fi, or if you have a firewall or content filter, you may not need to use a VPN or disconnect the firewall to access the repository
7. Return to the main Kodi screen
8. Click Add-ons
9. Click on the package symbol at the top left
10. Click on Install from zip
11. Locate the Kdil FTP connection (similar to the Smash Repo method) and click on it
12. Click to install the repository
13. Return to the Install from zip screen and click Install from the repository
14. Find your Kodisrael deposit. Click on it to open it, then click on Video Addon
15. Locate Exodus and click on it, then click Install

Exodus Addon Review: Advantages and Limitations

Exodus is perhaps one of the most popular Kodi add-ons currently available. Son of the now-defunct Genesis component, Exodus offers users an extremely large number of streaming options. This includes a wide range of movies and TV shows, both from American and international producers. Although Exodus does not provide live television viewing via its platform, it allows access to high quality on-demand multimedia videos. We will go through the positive and negative sides of this add-on, as well as some of its features and most interesting offers.

Advantages of Exodus

The best thing you’ll find with Exodus is its extremely large library and the quality of its impressive stream. Exodus extracts a large number of sources for TV shows and films listed in its database. The TV covers every category. One of the best advantages is that you will find new releases and TV shows.

Run a rather high quality resolver that will look for the best quality flow before delivering it to your screen. In cases where you can not find a stream, you will receive a message that you can not find one. However, Exodus is updated regularly to update the flows.

Exodus has one of the best menus and navigation features for any addon. For example, in the TV section, the content is viewable based on genre, classification, network, popularity, transmission date and more. You can also find TV shows, TV shows, watch regularly and find specific people if you like certain actors or actresses.

Finally, you can configure various accounts to work with Exodus, including RealDebrid, Trakt and AllDebrid.

Exodus Limits

The only real limitation of Exodus is that it only provides on-demand and no live TV. Also, some of the TV and movie categories within Exodus tend to be a little limited.

For example, Exodus is not the best place to find foreign films. Although you can find a rather long list of films classified by language, most are American films with subtitles in various other languages. In addition, Exodus lacks a documentary section for his films, which means you’ll have to shoot somewhere else if you’re a fan of documentaries. What you are looking for could be there, but it will be a little harder to find if it is there.

Exodus in the News

Thanks to its popularity, the Exodus was the target of a massive DDoS attack. As reported by TorrentFreak, the developer of Exodus, an anonymous figure of the Kodi community is known only as “Lambda”. The reason for this seems to be an act of revenge.

Because of its popularity, it seems that Exodus and its developer have attracted the wrath of some opponents. At one point, many of these opponents have identified the true identity of Lambda and threatened to expose Instead of bowing to pressure, Lambda decided to fight back by entering code in Exodus that used Exodus users’ computers to launch DDoS attacks on contradictory websites . In fact, Lambda had created a DDoS botnet.

The discussions exploded through the forums of the Kodi community, with Lambda “” As I said, they try to find my identity and they give me legal problems. I have no choice but to protect myself. I will withdraw from all this and concentrate on my legal add-ons, “he explained.

Due to a strong backlash from the community, Lambda decided to stop the development of Exodus by issuing formal excuses to the community about its actions. In his apologies and in the farewell letter, Lambda wrote (unpublished):

“I did not wake up one day, after all these years and I told myself, we try to add some calls to a specific site, it was a bad idea I did after all this time and the months of rest I had, and I’m sorry for that. As long as you follow the GPL and do not remove the Exodus credits from it I’ve never had any problems.

Unfortunately all these months I saw the add-ons take my code and remove the credits from it, as if it were their playground. I understand that we are talking about addons that help on copyright infringement, but this is something that I could no longer tolerate. Also lately I saw some strange private messages of specific people who threatened me at the preson level. Most of these are on social media right now talking about how bad it is.

I could no longer bear all this stress, I did bad intentions that I did not have to take and I’m sorry for that. I think the time has come for me, all of this is changing me as a person, so it’s time for me to take care of myself and leave this scene once and for all. ”

Lambda has removed the malicious code as an update before officially abandoning it. Lambda plans to continue working on additional components, while the development of Exodus is now being moved to TVADDONS.

At the moment, the Cypher version of Exodus is still valid. However, please note that since the development of this add-on has been officially discontinued, the scraped links will probably no longer work in the future.

If something changes regarding the future profitability of Exodus, we will provide an update to this article. We recommend adding this article to your bookmarks or adding it to your RSS feeds for future updates.

Exodus, previously developed by Cold Fire, is back in the world of Kodi. Exodus Kodi is now updated by independent developers and contains zero bugs and problems. Now you can find New Exodus on XvBMC, Kodil and TKNorris Repository for Kodi 17.6 users. It’s still the best Kodi add-on for streaming free movies and TV shows on Kodi.

Exodus Kodi 17.6, see our detailed guide on Covenant Kodi (the best replacement for the exodus so far). Furthermore, you can check our list of Kodi add-ons. If you want to protect your privacy online while using Kodi third-party add-ons, you should get a Kodi VPN.

Here in this guide, we provide detailed steps on how to install Kodos in less than a minute. I know, stay with us for a minute.

How to install Exodus Kodi on Firestick with Kodil Repo

Step 1: Open the main menu of the Fire Stick device> Click Settings> Then Applications> Manage installed applications> Then select Kodi
Step 2: Once you open Kodi, go to the Settings icon (a gear icon) at the top> Click File Manager
Step 3: Now you will see a list of options, double click on Add source> Click on “None”> Type the URL> Select OK> Enter the name of the repository, for example Kodil> Select OK
Step 4: Return to Kodi’s main menu> click on Add-ons section
Step 5: Select Package Installer (a box icon) at the top> Click Install from Zip file
Step 6: A window will open in which you need to select Kodil> Then click on> It will take a few minutes to install Kodil Repository
Step 7: Go to Install from the repository> Select the Kodil repository from the list
Step 8: Click Video Addons> Find and click Exodus> Hit Install
Note: for further details you can consult the guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick with and without a PC.

Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus is a video add-on that broadcasts movies, TV shows and all the latest multimedia content. It is a third-party add-on to Kodi and remained popular until the Covenant add-on became its replacement. However, Exodus still works perfectly like never before. Kodi Buffering and flow smoothly through Exodus.

Exodus Kodi Download

To shorten the installation guide for the Exodus Kodi add-on, we have provided another method. To install the Kodil repository zip code, and then follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open Kodi Krypton> Click Add-ons> Then tap the box icon you see at the top> Now click Install from Zip file

Step 2: A window will appear, here you need to find and upload the file

Step 3: Once installed, click Install from the repository> Then Kodil repository from the list> Go to video add-ons> Select Exodus> Then press Install

Exodus Kodi was never the same after the Fusion repository was shut down. Sometimes it can give the error “No stream available”, or it can sometimes play wrong files. Everything is happening with the Exodus add-on.
People are so desperate to get Exodus Kodi back who is willing to pay for anyone installing the add-on.

What to Expect from Exodus Kodi Addon ?

Exodus Kodi offers you all the latest movies and TV shows from the entertainment industry. In fact, it will be the first to direct its users to a new source that presents a new film. In addition to its huge multimedia library, Exodus also focuses on the quality of its contents. It would bring your movies and TV shows that are both in HD and SD quality.

Exodus Kodi Repository

The add-on to Exodus Kodi can be found in various repositories. It is important to install Exodus with the latest updated version. The Exodus repositories are listed below:

1. XvBMC Archive
2. TK Norris Repository
3. Kodil Repository
4. Super Repo
5. Kodi Suggestions

How to update Exodus Kodi

Activating the automatic update will automatically update the Exodus Kodi add-on. To manually activate or automatically update Exodus, follow these steps:

1. Start Kodi> Tap the Add-ons menu> Go to Video Add-ons> Right Click Now> Select Information

2. At the bottom of the screen will be displayed with many options. Enable automatic update for Kodi to automatically install updates. To manually install updates, click on the Update option.

When installing Exodus, you may find Exodus Kodi not working. For your convenience, we have discussed some of the common issues that Kodi users normally face. See them below:

Problem:  Exodus Failed to Install a Dependency

This error occurs whenever a Kodi user attempts to install Exodus from a repository that does not have an updated version of Exodus. Failed to install dependency error can also occur when a repository is updated.


Resolving this problem may require some suggestions. First, you need to consider a repository that immediately updates the Exodus add-on, such as the Kodil repository. If you still encounter this error, it means that Kodil Repository is updated and you have to wait a few hours before proceeding with the installation.

Problem:  Exodus can not connect to the repository

The error “Unable to connect to a repository” may appear due to an incorrect repository that you may have entered. This error can also occur when the repository URL does not work. In both cases we have provided a solution.


Kodi users may want to check the URL of the repository and make sure they are inserting a final slash (/) at the end of the URL. If the error persists, you need to check your Internet connection.

If it still does not work, it may appear that the repository URL does not work. You can check a URL regardless of whether or not it works by pasting the same URL into the URL browser of your website. If it opens, it means that the repository URL works.

Problem: Kodi Exodus No flow available

It is sometimes frustrating to see when there are no streams available on Exodus. This can also lead you to leave Kodi. However, we must advise against it because this method could be solved.


The particular error could be solved by uninstalling Exodus and reinstalling it with the Kodil repository. This will solve the problem forever.
Exodus Kodi disappeared

It was recently announced by the developer of Exodus that this add-on will soon be shut down due to copyright infringement battles. It is not necessary for Kodi users to worry about anything, because it has also been announced that the Covenant add-on will officially replace Exodus.

If by chance Exodus is closed, the only thing you need to do is install Covenant on Kodi. Covenant is better and bigger than Exodus and contains zero or minimal wrong links.

Is Exodus Kodi legal?

Any third-party Kodi add-on is an invalid add-on, as is Exodus. However, Exodus claims that it only hosts links and sources for movies and TV shows, but does not own those multimedia content.

This statement is valid for the most part because if one of the sources or links are broken, Exodus will replace these links with other links. In any case, if you want to protect online privacy and online data, you can get Kodi VPN. This will help you protect your online privacy from your ISPs and the government. Also, unlock additional components with geographical limitations.

The mainstream Kodi was unleashed and Exodus on Kodi. Exodus Kodi without problems without requiring additional procedures.Furthermore, if DMCA and copyright trolls are on their way to Kodi Exodus, KodiVPN will provide protection and anonymity to fans against ISP monitoring, DMCA and copyright trolls, while ensuring non-stop hours of on-site entertainment. demand.




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