How to Upgrade Kodi on Firestick (latest version)


This post will show you how to update Kodi on Firestick in 2019.

Kodi is known for providing numerous updates for each version of its app, so it’s important to know how to do it so you can keep things running optimally.It is important to keep the Kodi update to the latest version whenever it is available. With the latest version you get more stability and you also ensure the best overall experience with less bugs and new features. In this guide, we’ll show you how to update Kodi on FireStick.Kodi must be updated manually on FireStick because this app is not available through the Amazon Store.The side loading of the Kodi update on Fire TV or FireStick devices is simple.

Kodi has released many major and minor updates over the years.There are many important reasons to keep Kodi up to date on Amazon Fire Stick, including security patches and to ensure that the software continues to work properly with the latest add-ons.

Some additional developers are not so quick to release the compatibility updates required for their specific programs, however, which means that upgrading Kodi to the latest version could have the opposite effect and rendering an add-in unusable. That being said, it is almost always a good idea to have the latest build installed, as the disadvantages are minimal and quite rare.

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Kodi Update on FireStick

To get started, you must first make sure that your Fire Stick is configured to rely on app installations from unknown sources. This setting would be enabled when you installed Kodi for the first time, but it may have been disabled since then.Perform the following steps to confirm that it is still active.

  • Using the Fire Stick remote control, select Settings, located at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll right and select Device.
  • From the Device menu, choose Developer Options.
  • Activate apps from unknown sources. If it is already active, do nothing and go to the next section of this tutorial.
  • If you have this setting enabled, you will see a warning message with the App label from Unknown sources. Select Activate.
  • You will be redirected to the Developer Options menu, with the App from unknown sources option enabled.

We assume you already have Kodi on FireStick and just want to upgrade it to a newer version. We’ll tell you how to update Kodi Krypton on your Fire TV or FireStick devices using two methods that involve the following apps:

  1. App Downloader
  1. ES File Explorer

Both methods require the download and installation of the Kodi APK File on the device. This is what these two apps will help you with.

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The next step in the process is to download and install the Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore, unless you already done so in the past.

You are now ready to upgrade Kodi to the latest stable version by performing the following steps.

  • Launch the Downloader app if it is not already running.
  • The main interface of the Downloader app should be visible. Select the address entry field, located below the URL to access the website header and pre-filled with http: //.
  • Enter the following URL using the on-screen keyboard:
  • Select Go.
  • A warning message may appear to let you know that JavaScript is disabled. Select OK.
  • The download section of the Kodi website should now be visible within a browser window. Scroll down and select Android.
  • You will now see more instances of the latest stable version of Kodi. Select the button that represents the 32-bit version.
  • Note: The new Fire Sticks can support the 64-bit version of Kodi, so if you wish, you can try installing it. If you are not sure that your Fire Stick supports 64-bit applications, you can play it safe and install the 32-bit version or try the 64-bit version and go back to the previous one if it fails to install it or it works correctly.
  • The Kodi installer will be downloaded. Once completed, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to install the application or not. Select Install, located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • When the message installed on the app is displayed, select Open.
  • If the installation was successful, the latest stable version of Kodi should be launched on your Fire Stick.

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Update Kodi using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file manager / file browser applications for the Android platform. This tool allows you to load apps on your Android devices quickly and easily. You can download this app on the Fire Stick at Amazon Store.

  1. Turn on your FireStick and let it start
  2. Navigate and select ‘Search’ (target icon) in the left corner of the screen
  3. Log in to ES File Explorer and select the app in the search results below the on-screen keyboard
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen and install ES File Explorer on Firestick
  • Navigate to Tools >> Download Manager >> Click +New
  • Enter in the Path and any name for this path you want in the Name field. I am entering Kodi 17.6 and click Download Now option
  • Allow the download to complete
  • Click ‘Open File’ when the APK file has downloaded
  • A new popup will appear with install option. Hit Install to continue. Follow the on screen instructions and finish installation of Kodi 17.6 or Kodi 18
  • When the update is complete, you would see ‘App Installed’ notification. Click Done and you can return to the FireStick interface. Click ‘Open’ to launch Updated Kodi on FireStick.


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