Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV 2019


The era of television entertainment has evolved considerably and now Smart TVs are the future of entertainment. This is because there are endless possibilities that Smart TVs offer users to improve their Smart TV for a number of different functions.

Smart TVs can be used to stream TV shows and movies, which obviously require some external plugins and software. However, these software and plug-ins are worth installing and can be installed very easily.

One of the most useful software for streaming movies, TV shows on Smart TV is Kodi. It allows users to go beyond the limits of conventional entertainment and access what they want to see.

Usually, the Smart TVs are based on the Android operating system and therefore the use of Kodi on them is very simple. Users can easily download Kodi to their mobile devices via Play Store and project their screen on the Smart TV. However, Samsung Smart TVs are not based on Android operating system, but work on Tizen OS, which does not support Android devices or other Android boxes.

Therefore, users cannot download the Kodi app directly on Samsung Smart TV. Users can use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast and USB. The method of installing Kodi Samsung Smart TV is described below, follow the guide carefully.

Method 1_Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV Using Chromecast

  1. Turn ON your Wireless Network.
  2. Make Sure your Smartphone, as well as your Samsung Smart TV, is connected to the same Wireless Network.
  3. Your Smartphone must have Kodi installed on it. If you are an Android Smartphone user then install Kodi from Google Play.
  4. Now install Chromecast on Android Smartphone that can also be available on Google Play Store.
  5. After that, go to Play Store and Install Google Home App on your smartphone.
  6. Now is the time to Connect Google Chromecast stick to Samsung Smart TV or you ca do it by opening Chromecast from your Smart Phone.
  7. In your Google Home app for Android smartphones, click on the Cast / Audio Screen option. After doing so, you can view the mobile phone screen on your Samsung Smart TV. So, if you open the Kodi app and the contents of Stream Multimedia, you can enjoy the features of Real Kodi in your Samsung Smart TV Big Screen.

While streaming to Kodi, you are likely to watch movies and TV shows that could compromise your online privacy. The only way to use Kodi safely is to get Kodi VPN that will keep your online activity anonymous.By using a VPN for your Smart TV which can be setup in your router, you can safely watch live streams for free. A VPN can keep your identity anonymous and secure. VPN is your best solution to protect yourself from DMCA notices, copyright issues & unblocking of various addons like Neptune Rising, Covenant or GAIA.

Method 2_Download and Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV using Android TV Box

  1. First you have to Connect your Android TV Box to your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Open Play Store and then Search for Kodi app in the Search bar.
  3. Once you find the app Click on it and install it.
  4. When Kodi is downloaded then it will get installed automatically.
  5. Open Kodi and stream all the media content there is on Kodi. This is the simplest of the methods to run Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Method 3_Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Roku

Kodi is not available for Roku Player, but it can be available using Mirror screening.The procedures for Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Roku is common for Roku 4 and Roku 3. Here are the steps.

  1. The Smartphone or PC which you are going to mirror must have Kodi installed on it.
  2. Connect your Smartphone or PC and your Roku device to the same Wireless Network.
  3. Open Roku Player/Go to Settings/System.Proceed into Screen Mirroring and then proceed to Enable Screen Mirroring option.
  4. Open Google Play Store on your Smartphone/Search for Screen mirroring app and then Install any screen-mirroring app.
  5. Connect your Smartphone to Samsung Smart TV and enjoy complete features of Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Method 4_Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using USB Drive

USB drives are always a very useful tool in such situations when a platform does not support the required application or if a support platform is needed. Kodi lovers can pick up the USB stick to install Kodi simply by following the steps below.

  1. Browse to
  2. Select Download option from the top menu.
  3. Then click on Generic Builds.
  4. Click on “[Stable] OpenELEC 8.0.4 (x86_64) > Disk Image”.
  5. Now Download Win 32 Disk Imager and Press Launch
  6. Choose the drive where you want to install OpenElec.
  7. Browse your system and open the downloaded Disc Image OpenElec file.
  8. Select the option Write and wait for the installation to end.
  9. Restart your computer and make sure your USB drive is connected.
  10. Click on BIOS Settings and Boot from the USB drive.

Almost all streaming sites together with Kodi broadcast pirated content such as movies, TV shows, live streaming videos and other PPV videos. And watching the content of piracy is illegal, you could end up blocking your IP address from your ISP. So if you want to avoid getting in trouble and safely using Kodi and Kodi add-ons, then you have to get Kodi VPN. Using VPN you can unlock locked content and watch anything on Kodi anonymously.

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