Kodi for Philips Smart TV


Install Kodi on Smart TV Philips

Philips is the brand that has bet more on Android TV on their smart TV, surely if you have a TV Philips this has Android TV, for example the whole series 7000 smart TV Philips has Android TV, in this case you can install Kodi directly from the TV application store.

If your Philips TV is old and does not have Android TV you know that you can always buy an Android TV Box, a box that works as a DVD player, inside it already brings Kodi pre installed and works with any TV that has an HDMI input , Euroconnector or VGA.

What is the best Android TV Box to install Kodi on TV?

Suppose you want the best of the best, to see Kodi to the maximum power and resolution on your TV, we recommend buying the Nvidia Shield TV, it is the most powerful and best made smart box tv on the market, we only give you one piece of information: the same processor as the Nintendo Switch, the Nvidia Tegra X1, for something Nvidia is the world’s largest manufacturer of graphics cards.Now, if you prefer not to spend even one euro, we go one by one to see if Kodi can be installed directly on your Smart TV, depending on the brand and the operating system that the TV brings.

Welcome to the easy guide how to install Kodi on Smart TV, suitable for any brand like Philips,LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Hisense, or Sony  , with the ultimate goal of being able to watch football or formula 1 for free, of course in addition to being able to access a lot of television channels around the world, as if we had a satellite connection and a free subscription to all of them, we are going with this manual.

Easy solution to install Kodi on Smart TV LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Hisense, Sony or Philips

Before entering flour in each of the brands, first we will give you an easy and fast solution that works for any television, we will see how to install Kodi on any Smart TV LG, Panasonic, Hisense, Sony, Samsung or Philips, no matter what the brand is and you will not even need to enter the settings of your TV

The summary would be that to have Kodi on your Smart TV you need to have the Android TV operating system, in that case you can install it from the app store, unfortunately LG, Samsung, Hisense and Panasonic smart TV do not have Android TV, so you can not install Kodi directly, but you can install it easily, as we indicated below.

The time you spend in making the purchase plus the time to connect the Android TV Box, without worrying about the brand of your TV, without having to enter the settings of the TV and complicate life in the least.

Also with this solution you can be sure to watch football, F1 and movies for free, since having an Android TV you are sure to be able to install the necessary accessories, since many smart tv do not support installation of extra accessories in Kodi, necessary to see free football or formula 1.

To make matters worse, it is an Android TV Box that emits at 4K resolution everything that is seen in Kodi, so it has the highest possible resolution, works with any TV, no matter how old it is and even if it is not smart TV. In fact this Leelbox MXQ Pro Mini is the best selling and best rated Android TV Box from Amazon, so it is a safe bet and solution.

If now you want to watch soccer or formula 1 for free with Kodi, you only have to add a few add-ons, it’s a process that will take you about 4 minutes in total, an easy task for the advantages that will bring you later. Use this for site bookmarks

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