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Media Player streaming refers to the many different ways in which you can use the Internet to watch movies, TV shows, music, video games and more. With a lot of streaming options available,the best way is choosing the ideal streaming media player but this may require some time for research. This guide can help you to find the streaming device and content services that can fully comply with your lifestyle.

Streaming media players works at the same way like your cable TV or satellite set-top boxes. But instead of providing cable or satellite content, a streaming media player connects the TV to the Internet.Some of these devices connect your home to the Internet wirelessly, so they connect directly to the TV. Find out more about some of the famous LG Streaming media player brands , here.

LG BP730

LG BP730 is a Blu-ray player that not only packs a lot of features in its beautiful design, but also loads discs in less than 20 seconds.The BP730 is very complete, with almost all the bells or whistles you have ever wanted for a Blu-ray player.It Saves the high-end home theater connections like the second HDMI port,it has the analog surround sound outputs or the RS232C port that you find on the End Selected by publishers Oppo BDP-103. The LG BP730 supports Blu-ray, has integrated Wi-Fi a / b / g / n to access the LG Smart TV app and perhaps interestingly enough, also supports the complete integration of the smartphone: The player is equipped with an NFC adhesive in so you can connect your NCF-enabled Smartphone to the reader with one touch. The LG remote app can not only control the player and transmit content to and from the player, but can turn your smartphone into a wireless headphone device to watch movies safely.

Instead of a traditional remote control, the BP730 is equipped with a curved remote control like remotes that come with LG’s connected HDTVs. It is predominated by a large navigation panel with a scroll wheel that also acts as a main button and features only a few other buttons, including playback controls and four colored buttons. The remote works like a motion controller, moving a cursor on the screen in addition to selecting the menu item of the standard navigation pad. I complained about the LG Magic remote control in the past because the scroll wheel doubled as a button, but the scroll wheel on this remote is much better than the previous remotes, so I found myself pinching the wheel with the thumb when I pressed the button.

LG’s Smart TV system offers the BP730 a lot of online content. It has a wide selection of online services in its premium menu, including Netflix and Hulu Plus,also has a library of smaller and more specialized apps on top of them. It features a Web browser that is made easier to use with the on-screen cursor and the magic remote control, even if the typing remains awkward. With DLNA support and app-based remote control and media streaming support for mobile devices, the BP730 can view your media files regardless of how you want to access them. The only thing that seems to be missing on this front is an SD card slot, even if the USB port can be used to access your multimedia files that are not connected to the network.


The BP730 is incredibly fast. I tried its speed by taking the average loading times of two Blu-ray discs, six times each, from inserting the disc to the first display of the information on the screen. Between the two discs, the BP730 took an average of 15 seconds to start playing, and even the slower Black Swan is timed to 18.5 seconds, with a particularly slow 22.3 load time the first time I inserted the disc. comparison, the Panasonic DMP-BDT230 took an average of 17.2 seconds to load a disc.The LG BP730 is a extraordinary example of how much Blu-ray players have has developed the last few years. It is loaded with functionality, takes about 15 seconds to load most of the disks and manages any video format that passes with it without processing problems. Since some ports and connections are missing, it does not have the flexibility to integrate into a complicated high-end home theater system.

LG’S UP970

While many companies have gone to be the first to announce a 4K Blu-ray player, LG has been waiting 12 months for an unusual way to release its own: the UP970. There are some advantages to this technique: first, there are almost 100 4K discs available to purchase at this time compared to a small part then.Secondly, the involved standards have begun to be analyzed so that potential buyers now know what their player will need to support.

  1. Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  2. Netflix 4K and YouTube 4K
  3. Dual HDMI outputs
  4. Ethernet and Wi-Fi

The UP970 proved to be a skilled and reliable performer. The playback of the disc has been constantly fluid and free of glitches and the reader has never stuck on me.It handled all the different types of disks that I provided without problems, including UHD, BD, 3D BD, DVD and CD.

The U970’s hard drive is quiet enough and the player responds quickly to remote commands,even though the IR window is a little narrower than the other players I’ve tried. The remote control must be pointed at about 30 degrees on each side of the player to record the commands.

The LG player was consistently 5 to 10 seconds faster than the Sony UBP-X800 when loading Ultra HD discs, which places it on par with the Samsung UDP-K8500 (the fastest player I’ve reviewed so far). The LG does not have the Quick Start mode of Sony, which allows immediate power-up. It takes about eight seconds to turn the UP970 on every time.

With only Netflix and YouTube, the UP970 has fewer streaming services than its rivals Sony and Samsung, and lacks DLNA support for streaming personal media files from a computer or NAS. Therefore, it is not the ideal choice for those looking for a disc player as a complete AV media hub.

The UP970 is designed to be a plug-and-play device with a minimum required configuration. So, it has fewer advanced configuration options than the other players I’ve tried, especially a higher-end unit like the Oppo UDP-203. As mentioned above, you do not get options like a direct source resolution or the ability to choose different YCbCr HDMI color options, select a bit depth or enable Deep Color. I also did not see an option to disable the Simplink (HDMI-CEC) control from LG, nor does this player offer Sony’s Bluetooth audio output.The Ultra HD UP970 Blu-ray disc player from LG does exactly what it needs to do,that is, to play Blu-ray Ultra HD discs reliably. It has no glaring defects, is fast loading and is very easy to configure and use. However, it lacks a number of features that can be found on other readers at comparable prices, such as DLNA media streaming, Bluetooth audio output and a more complete list of integrated streaming services. Overall, I think the Sony UBP-X800 is still the player to beat in the less than $ 300 category, as it has the most complete disk support, features and configuration options in its price class. But Dolby Vision is missing. If you have (or are playing to buy) a UHD TV that supports Dolby Vision and you want a compatible but convenient player, the LG UP970 is currently the only option in the entry-level category.

LG BP620

The Blu-ray player market is fierce, with companies struggling to see who can offer the most functionality features at the lowest price. LG BP620 arrives in this scrap. It’s a mid-range deck, but has an attractive price and is just above the BP420 base model in the company’s new line of players. The difference between the two is that the BP620 has Wi-Fi on board.

As you wish, this model includes support for Blu-ray 3D playback and also features LG’s Smart TV platform that allows you to access devices like BBC iPlayer. It supports multimedia streaming from PC connected to the network and can also play files locally via its USB port. All of this sounds good on paper, but how well does it behave?

  1. Good range of Smart apps
  2. Impressive picture quality
  3. Excellent user interface
  4. LG Smart TV platform with BBC iPlayer
  5. USB port
  6. 3D Blu-ray playback
  7. DNLA support
  8. Review Price: £129.99

The LG BP620 is a pretty good player. It is a litle bit small, measuring 430 x 41 x 197mm and, although it seems light when you recover it, its build quality is generally quite good. It has a completely black body with a matte finish on the sides and a touch of added gloss on the front. The top of the player is lowered forward to create a small indentation in which LG has placed some basic controls, buttons inlcudgn for ejection, playback, interruption and power. The front is divided into two, with a flap that covers the Blu-ray tray. This is opened and closed automatically when the tray is ejected or withdrawn.Also it has the small LED display.

There is a single USB port, which is hidden behind a small pull-out tab on the front. On the back you will find the HDMI port and an optical digital output for powering audio from the player to external amplifiers without an HDMI connector. LG has also supplied a pair of stereo phono jacks and a composite video. The player has built-in Wi-Fi (which is the main difference between this and the BP420), but there is an Ethernet port if you prefer to use a wired connection, which is often more reliable for streaming media, especially when you’re trying to play HD video files.

The user interface is one of the smoothest and easiest to use that you will find on any Blu-ray player. When the player starts,it represents the home page which shows large, colorful icons on a metallic effect background. In the middle of the screen there are options for movies, photos, music, Premium apps, LG apps and the Set Up menu, while in a banner at the bottom of the screen there are shortcuts to the App store, the search function and the Screen configuration of my app where you can assign apps to the shortcuts banner.

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