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A detailed guide to the MKV Codec download – free MKV Codec to play MKV videos on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 without problems

Currently computer users always find a variety of unusual video formats, such as JVC TOD / MOD video, AVCHD, M2TS, BDAV, MKV etc. Because some Windows and Mac OS players do not support them natively, for example, MKV implements in Microsoft Windows 8.1 is limited by the native codec, they come to find a universal method to download and install Codec Pack on their Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 computers .

MKV is one of the video formats that desperately rely on MKV Codec Pack. It’s because MKV is a container format that builds the future idea in mind. As for a container, it is not possible to understand what is contained within your MKV video (the video in the H.264 codec is preferred). But do not worry, to play MKV videos, almost all you need is to download for free MKV [1] Codec to play .mkv (video matroska) and .mka (audio matroska) files with DirectShow players, such as Windows Media Player. Or you can try some popular free and useful multimedia players that support MKV, like VLC and 5KPlayer.
MKV Player Must-have without downloading MKV Codec at All

MKV video player 100% free and secure / Matroska video playback solution with user-friendly and customer-oriented interface, which helps you play MKV files and also MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, MKV, MOD videos on your Windows computer (10 ) without problems & clearly!

Where are the free MKV codec packages?

CCCP Community Pack: The Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple playback package for Windows with most of the video formats in use today. CCV is also the best codec pack for MKV playback, even on the first MKV filter. The CCCP package is lean and tidy to support Dshow Player in MKV Player and can help you even more.

Haali Media Splitter: support for almost all elements of Matroska (eg advanced movie extras such as multiple audio tracks, such as director’s commentary, multilingual subtitles, chapter points, bonus content and more), which are implemented in the core parser library. The DS splitter supports multiple MKV video / audio / subtitle tracks and multiple linked segments and / or concatenated MKV container files.

DivX Plus MKV Codec Pack (Commercial): Since DivX has adopted the Matroska container for HD content, it offers a good set of tools including a player, a DirectShow filter (MKV Codec Pack), a web player and an encoder. Therefore, it no longer had any reason to provide free MKV Codec Pack.

What is after the free download of MKV Codec Pack on Windows / 10?

After downloading the free MKV Codec Pack for Windows Media Player and installing it on your computer, you can easily play and watch your HD MKV movies anywhere and whenever possible, like in the living room with Standalone MKV Player, on computers with MKV Player software, or in Travel with Notebook, even iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPad, etc. (learn how to convert MKV to iPhone, convert MKV to iPad).

With the installation of the free MKV Codec Pack, you can also play MKV files with Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center and track on Windows Media Extender (such as Xbox 360) and on UPnP devices (such as PlayStation 3). Fortunately, you will not lose any quality while watching MKV files on your PC or through a Windows Media Center expander.Download MKV Codec for VLC Player

In addition, some MKV Codec Pack components support MKV files containing H.264 HD video with AAC surround sound and can also include advanced movie extras such as multiple audio tracks (eg director’s commentary), multilingual subtitles, chapter points, bonus content and more.

Some Shortcomings of Installing and Downloading the MKV Codec Pack

It certainly has its advantages in installing the free MKV code on your PC, which is very likely that virtually all downloaded videos will be played after the installation of this MKV codec pack. But there are many negative aspects of this approach. The first is simply the fact that every Windows user knows: the more software you install on your computer, the more unstable and “rickety” it becomes.

Secondly, it wastes resources to install MKV Codec which in reality are never needed. Thirdly, it is highly unlikely that all the MKV components contained in MKV Codec Pack are the latest and best versions – downloading and installing each codec individually would be a better approach if the user wants to get all the latest MKV content codecs in the world installed your computer.

Also, since many codecs now decode different video formats when the MKV file is played, it is often impossible for a Joe Average to indicate which software decodes the video, making it virtually impossible to find the cause if a problem occurs.

Some tips or alternatives to install MKV for free Codec

The simplest suggestion is that, you can convert MKV videos to other video formats with the best MKV – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe conversion software. For example, Convert MKV to MP4, AVI, MOV, WVM, etc., You can play MKV videos on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7, Mac OS X 10.11 and Apple devices. Converting MKV to iPad, iPhone and Android, you can have even more options to watch MKV movies. This alternative to MKV codec also allows you to download MKV videos online for better sharing and collection. In a word, instead of the most popular solution, like the free download of the MKV codec, you can choose the most reasonable one.

About MKV format

MKV is a container format, a sort of Matroska multimedia file, Matroska is a new multimedia package format, also known as a multimedia container (multimedia container). It can be a variety of encoded video and more than 16 different formats of streaming audio and subtitles in different languages pack them into Matroska Media files. MKV to host the biggest feature is the many different types of encoded video, audio and subtitle streams.

Free MKV player

The free MKV player is a small utility released by, free for any personal use. This program is simple, compact and easy to use, it is specifically designed to play files in MKV format, integrated MKV video decoder, supports all basic video playback operations. This software is completely free, without advertising, totally clean.

  1. Free
  2. Small and portable
  3. Built-in MKV video decoder
  4. Easy to use

The free MKV player uses MPlayer as an independent tool, it is a free and open source media player distributed under the GNU General Public License.

MKV codec

1. CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

This is a package of DirectShow filters, it includes almost everything you need to play .mkv (video matroska) and .mka (audio matroska) files with DirectShow players. After installing this codec pack, Classic Player or Windows Media Player can now play the video animation MKV format.

2. Matroska Pack complete

A famous complete package, not only to play matroska multimedia files, but will also allow the reproduction of the most modern video formats on any DirectShow player, works with Windows Media Player.

Free media player to open and view MKV files

MKV Codec is a lightweight and powerful multimedia interface that allows users to access and play MKV files. These files are similar to other codecs such as AVI and MP4. However, other media players may not support their framework. This interface works as an efficient bridge between the two. This is free and no payment is required before a download.MKV Codec is a lightweight and powerful multimedia interface that allows users to access and play MKV files. These files are similar to other codecs such as AVI and MP4. However, other media players may not support their framework. This interface works as an efficient bridge between the two. This is free and no payment is required before a download.

Functionality and primary applications

MKV Codec essentially ‘pulls’ the files associated with the MKV format from the C drive of an operating system. Shows when they last changed, the type of extension and their total size. Clicking on one of these files will provide immediate access. The conversion process begins shortly thereafter. It is important to note that no additional software will need to be installed. Users can also choose specific components based on their needs. It is currently designed to be used with the Windows XP operating platform.

Other uses and details

The total file size of MKV Codec is only 4.92 megabytes, so the installation should not present a problem. A help section can be found inside the ‘README.txt’ icon and you can search for files based on discrete filters. This can help to narrow down the results in order to find the correct file.

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