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Samsung app UNO IPTV was created to meet the needs of English and Vietnamese TV audiences in the United States and around the world. UNO IPTV offers you quality Vietnamese and English entertainment programs tailored to your preferences. Movie lovers can switch to IPTV UNO and watch your favorite movies without interruption from sunrise to sunset. Those who follow the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can now watch local, regional, US and global news on UNO IPTV.

IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters is an incredible video streaming player developed specifically for end users who want to have the chance to watch live TV, VOD, series and TV Catchup on their Smart TV. This video player app is easy to use and at the same time extremely efficient with a powerful player, an attractive and very impressive layout and, above all, easy to use. Features overview: Support Xtream Codes.API Play live streaming, movies and series .Movie classification, movie description, casting information .Support EPG Native Player (built-in player) View movie info, Info series, Stream Logo and Essay data session .Parental control.
Show expiration date, account information. Multi-user support: the user can manage more than one subscription.

Register your server URL: .If you are a service provider, you need to register it to work with your IPTV panel for your customers. Disclaimer: IPTV Smarters does not provide or include any multimedia or content.Users must have their own content. It’s just a video player with no stream. IPTV Smarters has no affiliations with any third-party provider. We do not approve streaming of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.


Net ipTV gives you the ability to watch TV on the Internet quickly and easily. You can upload your m3u list to your Samsung Smart TV. Please upload your M3U list on our homepage: The ipTV Net application does not include any channels. After 7 days the application can be used after a one-time payment of € 5.29.

Smart IPTV

NOTE: this app is free for a period of seven days, so you will be asked to make a one-time donation of € 5.49 (Euro) for the development of the Smart IPTV app. WE DO NOT HAVE THIS APP, so unfortunately you will have to pay the fee if you wish to use it after 7 days


  • Go to the SAMSUNG app store via the TV
  • Once you’re at the store, look for the app called ‘Smart IPTV’
  • The logo will be the same as the one below
  • Once you have found the correct app, download the app to the tv


  • Find the app downloaded on your TV and click to open it
  • Now you will see a screen similar to the following

NOTE: If the 7 day trial of the app has finished it will show something like the screen below. At this point you will need to pay for the app, Just follow the instructions on the screen

  • Ok so assuming that the apps trail has not ran out or you have purchased it, you will see a section that says ‘TV MAC ADDRESS’ take a look at the 2nd image above again
  • VERY IMPORTANT! This is the 12 digit code that we need to hook you up. Make sure you copy it exactly and send that to us


EPiG is an app to watch IPTV with the best electronic program guide (EPG) available for over 80 countries and over 7000 channels. The app must be used with a user account registered on the website, which is the best EPG metadata provider with the best online M3U editor in the world.


IPTV ILIRIA lets you watch Albanian channels and other channels such as sports, movies, music and entertainment.

Stalker Player

Stalker Player is an intelligent and easy to use player for live TV, TV programs and movies from your IPTV / OTT / VoD provider. Important: this application does not contain embedded channels or movies. It only plays the content from the IPTV provider available for the subscription plan. Before downloading the application, we recommend that you contact your IPTV provider and confirm the following: 1. The IPTV provider uses the Stalker Middleware 5.2 or Ministra TV platform. 2.

They can provide you with your username, password and link to their portal to access content through the app. With Stalker Player, you can – watch TV channels, TV programs and movies offered by your provider – add TV channels to your favorites. A license key may be required to run the application based on the IPTV provider settings. If necessary, you can buy one on If you have questions about accessing content or if you want to clarify the cost of the connection and subscription plans, contact your IPTV provider for assistance. Feel free to contact the Infomir Service Desk for assistance on installing or using the application on or send us an email to

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