How to Setup IPTV on Amazon Fire TV


Configure IPTV on your FIre TV and watch Live TV

For those who do not know you can watch live TV from a number of places using something called IPTV, now this normally requires an IPTV receiver (mag250, mag254 and avov) but using your current Android device (yes, this works for all the Android boxes have) and an application called STB Emulator you can get the same service without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Three methods to connect to the IPTV server

Method # 1

Using the STB emulator emulates the TV interface of a mag250 box.
Pros: allows you to connect multiple iptv servers, it works Video on Demand and you can view password protected channels (adult channels, if you have a paid iptv server this method may be the only method that works.

1. Download STB Emulator 0.5.22
Thanks to Psycon for STB Emulator Ver 0.6.01
2. If you want to preview the channel before rendering it in full screen use the VLC plugin method, even if in my experience this stops more often. Use external Player with MX PLayer to get the best results
If you want to choose the external player, download and install MX Player
If you use the VLC plugin for multimedia playback make sure to install VLC.
3. Follow this youtube video for more

4. I know that in the video I said tv_ssytem_res for the resolution but I chose 1280×720, so everything is correctly displayed on Fire TV

Method #2

  1.  Download
  2. Enable Live TV (Settings – Live TV – General – Enable)
  3. Enable Stalker PVR Addon Client and configure a MAC address
  4. Restart Kodi and the TV option will appear

Method #3

  1. Download this link
  2. Open Kodi
  3. Add-on -> Install from zip
  4. Go to config and set what you want
  5. Have fun


  • Up to 3 portals
  • Force Clear Cache (shortcut menu on each portal)
  • Groups of channels
  • Channel logo
  • Parental lock (default password 0000)
  • VoD
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