Top 5 Torrentz Alternative Domains

Top 5 Torrentz Alternative Domains

Torrentz is one of the oldest Metasearch engines for BitTorrents. Use to provide magnetic links for all files on local networks. But today it is not accessible from all over the world. So, for all of them, we have provided the 5 best Torrentz alternatives that are working right now in 2019.

These torrent sites are also very popular for torrenting among users who provide unlimited content such as movies, games, software, videos and more for free. However, it is possible to examine proxies to unlock torrent sites, but choosing alternatives is the best.

The Pirate Bay has long been the undisputed leader in terms of traffic, but if we look at the most visited domains earlier this year, it is now overtaken by YTS and 1337x.

The decrease in TPB can be attributed to the frequent downtime and connectivity problems in recent months. The torrent site remains for many when it is accessible, so it would not be a surprise if the site resumed command in the coming months.

This year’s list includes a newcomer. TorrentDownloads is back after a year of absence. The site takes the place of iDope which disappeared from the scene last year.

For fans of torrents that have been using Torrentz for a long time, there is still hope. These best Torrentz alternatives will allow you to have fun with torrents:

  2. 1337X
  3. YTS
  4. RARBG
  5. Popcorn Time

Remember! New Torrent websites and alternatives to Torrentz or its clones are displayed, the risk of being tracked by malicious trackers also increases. ISPs, copyright holders and large studios push all fake torrents through such websites to track down the people who download these torrents and then send them legal and copyright threats after tracing their identity. Therefore, the use of a Torrent VPN is of vital importance for all those who wish to remain protected and anonymous when downloading torrents.

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1.The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay turned 15 last year and is the oldest site on this list.The Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent site that you can use today. Its colossal torrent library of different categories will allow you to enjoy any torrent of any movie or TV series. In recent years, The Pirate Bay has also had its share of kidnappings, takedowns and investigations by the authorities. But the popular torrent indexing site continues to bounce again and again, they are the best Torrentz alternatives you can choose from. You can also use Pirate Bay VPN for anonymity and security.


1337x has been a stable presence on this list for many years. It has as a dedicated group of uploaders that provide new content. Despite ISP blocks in several countries, it continues to grow.When it comes to finding alternatives to Torrentz, 1337x offers various torrents of your choice. It also offers magnetic torrent links and you can use them to directly add the .torrent file to your torrent clients. Use the 1337x proxy as an alternative if the site is not accessible in your area


If you are looking for the best Torrentz alternatives on any search engine, the common name will be YTS Torrent or YIFY Torrent. It is popular for providing the latest movies on the site before others. The user interface of YTS is also very simple as the Torrentz. Provides a Meta search option for searching for BitTorrents from the YTS content library or local networks.


Launched in 2008 as a Bulgarian tracker website, RARBG now represents a viable alternative to Torrentz that has managed to generate a huge fan base worldwide. He also made his appearance in the top ten sites of 2015 with many using the P2P / Torrenting website for a wide range of content. If the above solutions get stuck, RARBG is a good choice to download everything from books, comics, TV shows, software, games, movies and music. You can even sign up and become part of the RARBG community.

5.Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the number one solution for downloading torrents for movies / TV programs, while allowing users to stream content simultaneously. It is a free, multi-platform BitTorrent client that uses a media player to run content from different torrent websites. The interface of the platform is exceptionally clean and tidy. Movies and TV shows are arranged in miniatures and film titles similar to Netflix.

Why Do You Need a VPN While Torrenting

As you may know, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are increasingly popular, not only for tech freaks, privacy-conscious people or corporate entities, but also for any Internet user like you and me who would prefer a sense of security in anonymity on the Internet.

Using a VPN while torrenting will protect you in various ways. First, some regions in which you live are more stringent in their data collection laws.Also copyright infringement laws. Internet users in countries such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand could be punished. This is where the importance of receiving the cryptography cover comes in, when it comes to the data to be monitored. The main thing is to make sure the VPN has a zero log policy, according to which if a government or legal entity has ever forced the VPN provider to provide information to its customers, its VPN provider would not be able to retain the customers “data.

Furthermore, the government, companies and Internet service provider (ISP) can find out who you are from your leaked IP address that is unique to your device. Once connected to a VPN, the encrypted traffic will be routed through the IP address of the VPN server, masking its personal IP address. Any entity that monitors Internet traffic cannot understand your IP address and ends up with a virtual IP used by the VPN service provider.

Other points to note is to verify that the selected VPN provider must support P2P applications (not all the others), and that the VPN is equipped with protection against DNS leaks. This feature will monitor your DNS requests to make sure they are still going through your VPN instead of directly to your ISP. Lacking this protection feature, a DNS leak could eventually lose your IP address to your ISP during torrentization without your knowledge.

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