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Access and play any media file with various applicable compression algorithms by opening it in the player with the integrated package containing data libraries and drivers for rendering and decoding. The suite is compatible with ffdshow DirectShow Video Codec 20130123, etc.

VLC Codec Pack 2.0.5 is available as a free download on our software library. This free program was originally produced by VLC Codec Pack. The most popular version among users of the software is 2.0.

Commonly, the program for installing this program has the following file names: CodecSettings.exe and vlc.exe etc. You can run this free PC program on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 32-bit. Our integrated antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. VLC Codec Pack is located within the multimedia tools, more precisely of the players.

Also VLC Codec Pack supports almost all types of compression and files used by modern video and audio files. VLC Codec Pack includes VLC Player to help with broken or badly coded files.

Package components:

  1.  XviD Video (Encoder) Codec v1.3.2.
  2. Lagarith Lossless Video (Encoder) Codec v1.3.27 x86 and x64.
  3. Flash video splitter and decoder v1.6.5.6366 x86 and x64.
  4. ffdshow DirectShow Video Codec 20130123 x86 Revision 4500.
  5. LAV video decoder 0.55.1 x86 and x64.
  6. ffdshow DirectShow Video Codec 20130123 x64 Review.
  7. LAV Audio Decoder 0.55.1 x86 and x64
  8. AC3Filter v2.5b AC3 and DTS Decoders x86 and x64.
  9. Lame MP3 v3.98.2 ACM encoder and codec decoder.
  10. DivX Audio Decoder 4.1
  11. DSP-worx bass source filter filter and decoder v1.5.1.0.

We recommend that you check multiple software, such as XP Codec Pack, Nibble Codec Pack or Media Player Codec Pack Lite, which may be similar to VLC Codec Pack.

Do you download movies and get mixed up with all the different formats and codecs? Now you do not have to worry about downloading your movie codecs separately. You can do it all at once and be ready for any video format that happens to you.

The All-in-1 codec package includes:

  • DivX 6.0
  • XviD Codec 1.0.3
  • DivX, XviD – FFDShow 17.02.2005 Alfa
  • MPEG2
  • Subtitles G400 2.83
  • (Win9x, Win2k and WinXP) 2.23, 2.33 Subtitles DVobSub
  • OGG Vorbis
  • AC3 1.01a RC5
  • Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher 0.99

Should We Download VLC Codec Pack?

VLC codec packets come out for certain video formats that can not be played by VLC. It is true that VLC does not play everything, such as the proprietary Indeo codecs and some Blu-ray videos. But if this is the main reason for getting a VLC codec pack, we suggest the opposite.

“If you want a stable operating system, do not install the codec packs.” Although it is not possible to determine if it is still true and we understand the existence of codec packs, for reasons of general security and stabilization, it is not recommended to download VLC codec packets for most people.

First of all, VLC has almost all the codecs used frequently to free our users from searching for endless codec packets. Why complicate life alone? Just update VLC media player to the latest version with the updated VLC codecs. VLC developers will surely connect with the latest and most popular codecs and solve codec problems often required.

Secondly, to avoid problems of insurrection brought by the VLC codec packets. All codec packs, including VLC codec packets, tend to generate more problems than they solve, conflicting with other programs that could lead to computer crashes, adware and / or spyware. If you have not found any of these problems, you’ve only had luck.

Do we need Vlc Codec packages?

Generally we do not necessarily need VLC codec packets. Because? The most common audio video files can be played by VLC, the most powerful and open source media player. VCR codec packets because VLC codec packets may play certain Blu-ray DVDs In general, the VLC codec packet because VLC can have many file formats and has good subtitle support. As for the Indeo codecs, you can count on free and safe MPlayer that supports the Indeo codecs (version 3/4/5).

The problem of the most controversial codecs on VLC would be the support of the MKV codec. Audio codecs like VLC on Mac / Windows, while Midi codec is supported on Windows VLC but not tested on Mac. If you are willing to visit alternatives, you can try players like 5Kplayer, Mplayer, Potplayer, KMplayer etc. Instead of downloading the VLC pack at risk. Click to see the best comparison of the MKV player.

Taken together, if you insist with the latest VLC media player encountering problems with the codec, you can try to download the VLC codec pack for that matter.

Where to get VLC codec packs?

CNET and Softonic are two commonly known places where it is possible to obtain VLC MKV codecs and VLC codecs for Blu-ray, which are relatively safer and more reliable. Read carefully the details of the VLC codec that you need to download.

But why not become a quality and secure media player such as an airbag or a supplement when the VLC crashes? It is never possible to estimate the hidden risks of downloading the VLC codec pack, but 5KPlayer can ensure a safe path with inebriating features such as 4K Blu-ray video playback, downloads and AirPlay, subtitle support and the ability to read MKV file.

How to Use VLC Codec Alternative 5KPlayer to Play MKV Files?

Here we will show you how to use 5KPlayer instead of downloading the VLC Pack codec as an example to play MKV files.

First Step. Download and start VLC MKV Codec alternative pack 5PKlayer with an intuitive and fascinating, simple and elegant interface.

Second Step. Load the MKV file and the MKV file will start playback in one second.

Note: you can click on the video button on the UI to search for a MKV file or directly drag an MKV file to the 5KPlayer interface, you can also make some adjustments you like, change the aspect ratio, alter audio tracks, and so on.

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